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Le Spring Meetup Paris rassemble et met en relation les personnes intéressées par les technologies Pivotal (Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Rabbit MQ, Cloud Foundry...). Venez y partager votre enthousiasme, vos connaissances, vos questions autour de ces technologies et participer aux conférences organisées. Et bien sûr, soumettez un talk !

Spring Meetup Paris allows you to stay in touch with local and global Pivotal ecosystem (Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Rabbit MQ, Cloud Foundry...). Join us to share your enthusiasm, your knowledge and any question you might have! And of course, you are more than welcome to submit a talk.

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Soirée R2DBC avec Mark Paluch


Abstract An increasing number of projects starts incorporating reactive programming. On their journey they start to discover that the only way to get the full benefit of that change is to ensure that they have a fully reactive stack. There are a number of messaging systems and data stores that enable a fully reactive stack, but there has been a big piece missing when it comes to accessing relational database systems in a fully reactive way. This talk presents the Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC) initiative. This project aims for what a reactive API would look like when paired with relational database access. This talk explains how the API works, the benefits of using it, and how it contrasts with the ADBA project proposed as a successor to JDBC. Bio Mark is a Software Craftsman working as Spring Data Engineer at Pivotal. He has a strong focus on reactive infrastructure and works on MongoDB, Redis, R2DBC, and Apache Cassandra modules. Mark is also is project lead of the Lettuce Redis driver.

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