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I'm organizing tours that concentrate on the most street-art-active places in the city. I'm a passionate insider who collects all info about the art and the artists behind it. From the streets, many have find their way into the Art World and Art Market, and now can be seen in galleries, museums or art auctions around the world. Some work carry political, social and artistic references, while other are more personal. My job is to always be aware what is going on in the Street Art World and Community and be able to bring you all the best stories during my tour. The art itself is free!

My mission is not only to promote street art, but also create a platform for travelers, expats and locals to meet, discuss and discover the other way to see the city and it's suburbs.

My adventure with street art started in 2009, during my studies at the Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz (Poland). Mainly thanks to the festival Urban Forms, I’ve met many street artist, whose work fascinated me.

Over the last few years I've traveled to several street art festivals, participated in large number of exhibitions and events. Meeting artists and people involved in the movement helped me to understand the phenomenon from many different perspectives.

After my MFA I moved to Paris, where I decided to share my knowledge and my love for art.

As such I will be regular hosting street art walking tours and would be pleased if you could join me! The idea behind these tours is also that they will help me raise money to continue with my own artwork, visible here: www.kasiaklon.com (http://www.kasiaklon.com/)

Please follow my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/streetarttourparis13th) for updates and join this meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/Street-Art-Tour-Paris/) to participate in my events!

Thank you and I hope to see you soon! (:

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MontmARTre Street Art TOUR

Metro Blanche

25,00 €

• What we'll do Where art history meets Street Art! ​ Because of its artistic history and beautiful church on top of the hill, Montmartre could be called the most attractive tourist destination in Paris since the beginning of 20th Century. For this reason many artists started moving to Montmartre in 1910. So is it still possible to have a slightly more alternative visit of this quartier? Well, it actually is! ;) Here the past meets the present. We'll talk about La Belle Epoque, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh, Picasso and Matisse, who left their mark in the quartier, while taking the backstreets to look at all the art done today on the streets. You'll be surprised how quiet and colorful the streets of Montmartre are, if you skip the most touristic places. Price: 25/per person • What to bring • Important to know BOOKING OBLIGATORY! https://www.billetweb.fr/montmartre-street-art-tour

Belleville Street Art Tour!

Théâtre de Ménilmontant

22,00 €

• What we'll do The Most famous Street Art neighborhood of Paris! Belleville has been an artists' destination since the early 80's. Poor artists where moving here to live in numerous squats that over the years turned into art galleries. It is a favourite place for many French artists, like Nemo, Jérôme Mesnager or Philippe Herard. Thanks to many associations, like Art Azoi or Le M.U.R., we can also spot few walls painted by international artists. Since Belleville is the second largest hill in Paris, during this tour we go up to have a wonerful view of the beautiful panorama of the city. The tour takes about 2:15h and will finish with a life performance and an inauguration of a new wall. • What to bring water bottle • Important to know BOOKING CONFIRMATION OBLIGATORY! https://www.billetweb.fr/belleville-street-art-tour

Louvre vs Street Art

Louvre Museum

Louvre for Street Art fans! Are you already familiar with art history and would like to have a slightly more alternative visit of the world’s most famous museum? Or maybe you are not that much into classical art, but you do love street art – don’t you wonder where some of the greatest ideas come from? On this tour, you would rediscover the highlights of the Louvre and their references in modern day street art. You would also learn about some little-known facts of Louvre’s guerrilla art. It is the first and the only tour of this kind! This is a semi-private tour - for max only 5 participants. Reserving your spot is OBLIGATORY: https://www.billetweb.fr/louvre-vs-street-art

Mural Tour

M-city Mural

22,00 €

• What we'll do Tallest murals in Paris! Learn about the neomuralism movement as you see the walls painted by the greatest muralists from all over the world. This tour concentrates on big murals, including work made by Obey, INTI or Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. It takes about 2,5 hours, with a 15-min coffee or snack break (depending on the weather). • What to bring water bottle, change for coffee or snack • Important to know BOOKING CONFIRMATION OBLIGATORY! https://www.billetweb.fr/murals-xxl

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Mural Tour

M-city Mural

22,00 €

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