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Welcome to the official Symphony Developer Group in Paris! If you are not based in Paris, join our meetup group that is closest to you:
New York: https://www.meetup.com/Symphony-Developer-Group-New-York/
London: https://www.meetup.com/Symphony-Developer-Group-London/

As part of this group, you will hear about Symphony's Developer Program, as well as upcoming developer events in the Paris area.

Symphony's Developer Program is designed to enable enterprise developers to envision and create new workflows for the future of collaboration. We want to give developers, software engineers, and anyone building new Symphony experiences access to streamlined developer documentation, informational sessions about key tech topics, and an engaged community to innovate with.

Take a look at what our partners and developer community have developed so far on our App Directory: workflow.symphony.com.

Developer Resources: developers.symphony.com

Questions? Please contact platformsolutions@symphony.com.

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