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Growth & high-profile recruitment 🚀w/ the CEOs at Cubyn & Ethan Partners
👇 RSVP with the Eventbrite link 👇 Go big or go home: Hire the right people if you want to build Rome 🏛️ The post product-market fit phase involves recruiting more senior profiles to structure your growth and your team. You really should consider this phase as a fresh start, focusing on bringing the best people into your company. You were surrounded by friends, juniors and interns (and that’s great!), but it’s time to include some more experienced profiles in the adventure ⚡ Two great speakers will give us their perspectives, one as a founder & one as a recruitment professional: 📦 Adrien Fernandez Baca, CEO at Cubyn ( Founded in 2014, Cubyn is a logistics solution for e-merchants. With 300% growth, they went from 30 to 50 employees in 6 months, which included hiring the Head of Amazon Prime France. Adrien will explain the importance of these new talents and how he concretely faced this challenge! 👔 Ann-Christine Roope, Founder and CEO at Ethan Partners ( Ethan Partners are focused on supporting successful and selective Internet companies globally by finding high-profile talent (CxO, VP and Director roles). Ann-Christine will give an overview of these specific recruitments and highlight the mistakes you should avoid. The key will be unique tips and super relevant examples! Join us for a substantial and concrete talk, the perfect way to learn and meet lovely people :) This event is 100% open & free! It will be followed by a Q&A session and a few drinks 🥤 See you there <3 Vlad 👇 RSVP with the Eventbrite link 👇

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