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Unity Center of Peace in Paris

English speakers living in Paris who are spiritual seekers — Now you can enjoy growing in spiritual power and joy using the positive awareness of New Thought as taught by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and Earnest Holmes and the publication “Daily Word.”

These teachings continue to be updated today as metaphysical awareness of our innate Twelve Powers that help us thrive in the changeable outer realm, as we use the unchangeable laws of the Universe to create inner peace.

Join us to go within to the silence, practice affirmative prayer, and benefit from ongoing metaphysical classes. Seminars and meetings are led, in person and online, by Unity minister Rev. Rosemary C. Hyde, Ph.D., and other well-known Unity teachers from the U.S. Rev. Rosemary is Co-minister of Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in the U.S. She comes to Paris representing Unity Headquarters, to begin a Unity spiritual community in Paris.

Unity is a spiritual practice and philosophy. It is not a religion, but embraces the Perennial Wisdom of the ages, providing a positive path to deeper awareness. We welcome all who wish to become truly free, whatever their belief system. Unity is a proven path, through evolving consciousness, to freedom from stress, worry, conflicts, and illness.

Please join us Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 7-9 pm, Cafe “Les Patios”, 5 Place de La Sorbonne, Paris 5. We’ll be inside, at the back, to the left. For the price of a coffee, we’ll get acquainted, decide on future meetings and classes, and share meditation and discussion on How to to Thrive in Wholeness and Healing. Our vision is to create in Paris an ongoing community of spiritual friends that meets both in person and on-line, internationally. Questions? revrohyde@gmail.com.

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