À propos de ce groupe

In addition to creating/maintaining an active, thriving therapists, holistic practitioners, and doctors of east/west medicine resource list that can support you in making responsible choices for your health and fantastic selves, we would also like to offer the following:

-Introduce techniques and workshops that encourage healthy living, personal development, and could most definitely involve getting off the computer, having a delicious meal, talking about everything/anything but work, telling our worst jokes followed by uncontrollable belly laughter.

-event calendar listings

-resources for supplements(VITAMIN D!)and other innovative local products

-sharing, sharing, sharing. Abundance and prosperity, we prosper in abundance. What you need, someone has it to give.

What do you want to see happen??? What kind of techniques would you like to be presented???
If you are a practitioner, what would you like to present??

Let us know if you are still here in Paris, and if you would like to keep participating, reply with your best "YES!, "OUI," and any other ideas you'd like to share.
No inspiration??? Click on the following link and video from the fantabuloso site "TED."
We're hoping to bring a bit of what Sir Robinson is working with (laughter included) to the playground.
Si vous voulez les sous titres en français, allez sur TED TALKS

Stay tuned for this group's first virtual wellness event for the month of August-The Sabbath Manifesto.
We will keep you informed of HealthWise Paris events and other scheduled events in September.

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