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A group for people who are interested in (or fans of) WordPress. Beginners to professionals can all get together and share tips, ask questions, answer questions, and build a support community for WordPress users in the Hartford, CT area.

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How To Create a Web Analytics Dashboard with Google Data Studio

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How to Create a Web Analytics Dashboard using Google Data Studio Google Analytics is a powerful reporting tool but has a steep customization learning curve and is difficult to quickly visualize what is happening on your website. The solution is building a dashboard that can be customized to suit the goals of a website and display the information in a very compact easy to read, dynamic online report. This presentation will help you move your web reporting from stagnant to dynamic by discovering how to use Google's Data Studio the free, easy to use data visualization and reporting tool in the Google Analytics stack. Bill Scully, from Digital Marketing Fuel LLC, will be sharing his expertise on this powerful tool. ____________________________________________________________________ We'll also save time for some WordPress news/tips and have an open Q&A forum where you can bring any issues or questions. Hope to see you at the Meetup! ____________________________________________________________________ Venue Info: Meet in the Community Room on the first floor of the library. For those who use an online map or GPS device for directions to the library, please input Garfield Street as the address. The Newington Town Hall Building Project is currently underway. During this time, Mazzoccoli Way will be blocked off. The newly constructed parking lot can only be accessed from Garfield Street by entering through the parking lot that fronts on Garfield Street. Do NOT enter through Cedar Street.

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How To Start Your Own Podcast

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