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This is a group for people who would like to progress further into the spiritual path with advanced Yoga & Meditation techniques for overall wellbeing, enhanced body performance and peace of mind.

Below, you can find 3 examples of the workshops developed:

I AM YOU Meditation workshop echoes the knowledge described in the spiritual adventure book of the same name.
How can we bring more awareness and clarity to our daily living and enhance the connection to our spiritual selves, beyond the moments we sit quietly in meditation?

We will bring mindfulness to our breathing, body sensations, emotions and thoughts and discuss strategies to find and maintain the connection to the source and the feeling of oneness.
In this comprehensive workshop that will include Pranayama’s, Meditation, Visualization, Contemplation and Interaction we will, among various topics learn:

• How to know where we are in the emotional scale
• How to truly use the intuition for clarity and decision making
• How to clear the chakras, karmas and Dharma’s
• How to reconnect to the body and maintain health and wellbeing
• How to be attuned to your true self and live from the heart

Into the Fascia Yin Yoga & Muscle Activation workshop

Into the Fascia- Yin Yoga, Pranayama & Muscle Activation techniques for better breathing, posture & increased performance.

Rainbow Bridge Meditation Workshop

Rainbow Bridge Techniques are offered to aid the student in building a bridge of consciousness to the source of wisdom within the Soul; while at the same time cleansing the personality vehicles (physical, mental and emotional bodies) of low grade energies, thus allowing more of the Soul’s qualities to manifest undistorted, enabling you to reach your true potential.

During the Workshop attendees will learn:- How to invoke the cooperation of the Soul
- How to activate the Soul Star and use it for inner healing
- How to build the bridge to higher consciousness, the antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge
- How to invoke various protective energies from the Soul
- How to clean the Aura
- How to awaken the intuition
- How to burn karma & remove emotional & mental blockages from the aura
- How to enhance your health by using the Rainbow Bridge techniques
- How to accelerate Soul Integration
- What the light body is and how it is built
- A daily centering and alignment exercise.

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