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This meetup is for everyone that loves working with R and wants to learn more. Check out the website (http://zurich-r-user-group.github.io/).

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We are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming event!

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  • 6.15 pm Doors open
  • 6.30 pm Welcome Zurich RUG
  • 6.35 pm Welcome from our sponsor, the *Swiss Statistical Society"
  • 6.40 pm Talks (see below)
  • ~ 7:45 pm Are you hiring? Looking for an R related job? ... or organising an interesting event? Take the stage for one minute. (DM us if you need a slot!)
  • ~ 8 - 9 pm Apéro sponsored by the *Swiss Statistical Society* (stat.ch) outside -- in front of the building at Rämistrasse 59 OR at bqm (ETH Zürich)

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Speaker: Lynda Metref (Principal Engineer / Data Scientist @ Helbling Technik)

Title: Exploring "The Grammar of Graphics"

Abstract: Thanks to the excellent ggplot package, everyone in the R community has heard about "The Grammar of Graphics" by Leland Wilkinson. But what does this book actually cover? What happens under the hood when we use ggplot for our wonderful visualisations? In this presentation, I will present the basic concepts of the Grammar of Graphics and share what I have learned from my reading of the book.

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Speaker: Maciej Dobrzyński (Postdoc @ Unibern)

Title: Detecting and analysing space-time correlations with ARCOS

Abstract: Recent advances in microscopy have allowed us to interrogate communication between biological cells in real time. Even though we are only beginning to understand the rules and the language that cells use to transmit the information in tissues, we observe that the coordinated information exchange between cells helps to close wounds, rebuild the tissue, or protect against the environment. To better understand these processes and to facilitate the formulation of new theories of emergent phenomena, we created a computational method for Automatic Recognition of COllective Signalling (ARCOS). The algorithm is applicable to diverse experimental modalities, spatial dimensions, or even systems outside of the realm of cell biology. We provide open-source implementations of ARCOS as R and Python packages and a plugin for Napari image viewer, which enables interactive exploration and quantification of collective phenomena without any programming knowledge.
GitHub of R implementation: https://github.com/dmattek/ARCOS
Demo of the Napari Python plugin on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG_z_BFcAiQ

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