Conference & Networking: How to create a Wellness Effect at work, in 2019?

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Learn practical methods you can diffuse in your company, to release tension and stress at work. Expand your professional network in Geneva.


We know too well the effects stress has on our emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Companies know too well the direct and indirect costs of stress, whether it is absenteeism, high turnover or productivity loss.

But, the question remains: “how can we effectively and quickly release tension, at the workplace?”.

The good news is: being calmer, healthier and more focused at work, is accessible directly at your desk!

Elodie Caucigh, Founder of Real Life Yoga, will teach you practical methods you can diffuse in your company, inspired by Yoga and Mindfulness.

***An aperitif will be offered to the attendees, after the conference***