[Asseth] Panel discussion "Computation Above and Beyond the Blockchain"

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Update: the event will take place 8PM at ESCP Europe right after the event of Chaintech, https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/blockchains/events/237523380/ please register there also if you want to attend

Asseth welcomes you to a panel discussion on the theme "Computation Above and Beyond the Blockchain" followed by food and drinks. This event will consist in 10 minutes talks from each attendees followed by a discussion with the flour on the theme. Attendees:
iExec (Gilles Fedak)


Oraclize (Thomas Bertani)

Golem (Grzegorz Borowik)

Decentralized Court (Clément Lesaege)

The last talk by Decentralized Court will be “Computational results on the blockchain, beyond gas limit!”.

Computations on the blockchain are costly and limited by the gas limit.

Could we make most of the computation off chain and only use the blockchain as a computational judge when something goes wrong?

This will allow decentralized applications to use machine learning and optimization tools.