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Data-Oriented Programming in Java by Nicolai Parlog

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Data-Oriented Programming in Java by Nicolai Parlog


[Attention, cette conférence est entièrement en anglais]

Talk summary:
In data-oriented programming (DOP), we model data as data and mpolymorphic behavior with pattern matching. This talk will introduce the concept of DOP and its four principles:

  • model the data, the whole data, and nothing but the data
  • data is immutable
  • validate at the boundary
  • make illegal states unrepresentable

We'll also explore how to use pattern matching as a safe, powerful, and maintainable mechanism for ad-hoc polymorphism on such data that lets us define operations without overloading the types with functionality. The talk ends with a juxtaposition to OOP, so you not only learn how to employ DOP but also when (not).

About the speaker :
Nicolai (aka nipafx) is a Java enthusiast focused on language features and core APIs with a passion for learning and sharing - in articles, newsletters, and books; in tweets, videos, and streams; in demo repos and at conferences - more on all of that on
He's a Java Developer Advocate at Oracle and organizer of the Accento conference in Karlsruhe.
That aside, he's best known for his haircut.

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