Pipelines, the next generation data-centric software // Get reactive with Akka

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This event is composed of two talks. The first will be on Pipeline and be given in English. The second will be about the reactive way with Akka.

First Talk : Pipelines - A platform for developing and managing the next generation of data-centric software systems :
The main challenge for modern data-centric systems is not collecting data, but extracting intelligence from that data more quickly than the competition. Streaming data applications can help provide the insights required but present a new set of challenges for developers, data engineers, data scientists and operations teams. The Lightbend 'Pipelines' project tackles all of these challenges, providing a unified platform for developing, evolving, deploying, managing and monitoring real-time streaming applications. This session provides some background around what's driven the development of this project, shows the problems solved by Pipelines, and will demonstrate the lifecycle of a Pipelines application - taking a problem, breaking it down into code and deploying it to a production environment.

Trevor has been developing software applications for the web, mobile and embedded devices for over 15 years with a focus on back-end systems for much of that time - mainly in gambling and sports-betting - developing applications with strict requirements around resilience, performance and the speed at which new features need to be developed and delivered. Trevor now works as a Solutions Architect for Lightbend providing the value of his technical expertise to prospective customers in a pre-sales capacity.

Second Talk : Get reactive with Akka !