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Yoga instructor, Complementary Medicine Practitioner, Eco-Warrior, Spiritual Seeker, Ethical Business Developer. Welcome!

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About Flo Jo!

British-born, spending part of her childhood in Hampshire, England and the other half in Asia, educated in an international buddhist school in Thailand, Jo was inspired by the ancient traditions of Buddhism and Ayurveda from a very early age and this continued into her choice of professional career. She now practices Traditional Chinese Medicine in Paris and has been teaching yoga for over 3 years. In her classes Jo offers a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, blending traditional yogic practices with a modern twist. Vinyasa sequences are creative and dynamic, synchronising movement and breath, to work the cardiovascular system and tone up muscles. Hatha sequences bring a softer aspect, holding asanas for longer periods to attain deeper stretching and to release tension. At the end of the session, Joelle will take you through a guided meditation following the Hatha yoga tradition. During meditation, negative thoughts are released and the mind becomes clear and calm, leaving freed up energy to flood into the body to regenerate, repair and revitalise cells. With a clear mind we can more easily hear our inner voice, which can be a guide to us in our daily lives. “We are born out of the materials of the stars and we contain the knowledge of the universe. The trick is just to listen to it.” - Jo

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D’origine britannique, passant une partie de son enfance en Hampshire, Angleterre et l’autre moitié en Asie, éduquée dans une école bouddhiste en Thailand, Flo a depuis toute jeune été inspirée par les anciennes traditions de Bouddhisme et Ayurveda. Il est donc tout naturel que ce soient ces traditions qui ont guidé son choix de vie professionnelle. Elle pratique de la Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise à Paris et enseigne le Hatha et Vinyasa yoga depuis 3 ans. Dans ses cours, Flo offre un mélange de travail corporel tonique, incluant de la relaxation, des étirements profonds et un coté plus spirituel avec une session de méditation en fin du cours. Elle met l’écoute de soi-même, qui est la base de notre puissance créative, au coeur de ses séances. "I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul." Rémi

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