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Welcome all the LAW OF ATTRACTION lovers and deliberate creators in Paris or far and wide. We’re an online though mostly in-person enthusiast group hosting live speaking Law of Attraction events on a range of rendezvous, Apéros and workshops. You can join us in person and online. We are living in a vibrational energy field.

Understand the basics of using the LAW to work FOR you and not AGAINST you!!
Knowing that what you vibrate outwards now, is what you will attract later.

We will be sharing experiences and knowledge in the presence of a qualified coach, specialized in Law of Attraction.

In addition to being a health and sport coach for years, Xiaoling has specialized in LAW OF ATTRACTION in the last 7 years. Through life experiences of her own and others she has developed a coaching method that relates to and vibrates with the solutions to our challenges in life. Her motto is now "if you know who you really are and believe in your own power then you can trust that the rest will fall into place". We will all thrive in our life because we can make our choices and because it is in our nature.

What to expect:

Experiences of so much fun, joy, excitement and love from one group of people in one place! With powerful focus of attention to raise your vibrations to attract the present and future you want, here and now!

We all know how it feels to be with people with high positive energy. It’s CONTAGIOUS, IT’S UPLIFTING, its pure happiness. In this frequency let’s all celebrate and feel our power to create our own reality! Come and be part of this new way of thinking! Are you in?!

Xiaoling Team

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