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Montreal Elixir Meetup - Lightning Talks

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For this meet-up, we will be presenting a round of lightning talks. Each talk will be 5 mins or less, with a goal of having 8 lightning talks or more!

If you would like to present, please check out the presentation guide and get in contact to register your talk:

It's going to be snowing this weekend, so what a great time to prepare your five-minute lightning talk on an aspect of Elixir/OTP that you love.

We'll update this spot as new talks are registered. Let's fill up those 8 places!

1. Nicolas Carlo: TDD in Elixir
2. Guillaume Cauchon: Observer
3. Guillaume Cauchon: Debugger
4. Rémi Prévost: Ecto Embedded Schemas
5. Brian Gracie: An Experiment in Domain Language Documentation
6. Hugo Frappier: Break it or loose it: Refactor a nasty function
7. TBA
8. TBA
9. TBA
10. TBA