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Montreal Elixir Meetup

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• 18:30 Mingle: A chance to meet and chat with other Elixir enthusiasts before the presentations start. Grab a bite to eat.
• 19:00 Welcome and Community Updates by Nicholas Henry: A review of points of interest in our local community and Elixir in general.
• 19:20 Break
• 19:25 "Hexagonal Architecture & Elixir" by Nicolas Carlo. Let's start from scratch and go beyond the buzzwords. We'll go together through these ideas to understand how you can improve the maintainability of your projects, either greenfield or legacy. We'll see how it can be achieved in Elixir to check if it goes along the philosophy of the language.
• 19:50 Break
• 19:55 "Elixir Flow" by Renato Freire. A light introduction to event streaming, streaming processing, Apache Beam and how we can use all that with Elixir Flow.
• 20:20 Open Announcements: Would you like to introduce yourself to the group and what you hope to learn? Are you a company looking to hire an Elixir developer? Please share!
• 20:30 Finish: See you in January!