CryptPad Presentation & Hackathon: End-to-end Encrypted Google Docs Alternative!


Fellow privacy and collaboration hackers,

Join us on Saturday at Noisebridge for pizza, a presentation, and a hackathon where we will be visited by privacy and collaboration open source developers from Paris, France.

We'll start with a presentation about CryptPad, an end-to-end encrypted realtime collaboration tool, followed by an hackathon on the CryptPad and XWiki open source software with the help of CryptPad and XWiki committers.

CryptPad presentation: "Why Privacy Matters and How to Collaborate Securely"

Ludovic Dubost, CEO of XWiki SAS, the company that is building the CryptPad open source project and online service, will present why they built CryptPad and what is possible with this new technology.

CryptPad and Collaboration Hackathon

You can also help enhance CryptPad and contribute to Open Source software. With the help of CryptPad and XWiki committers you can come and try to build your first CryptPad privacy enhancing application, or fix a bug in CryptPad or XWiki.

For more advanced developers we can try to integrate a JavaScript calendar viewer and editor inside CryptPad.

CryptPad and XWiki contributors:

- Ludovic Dubost: creator of XWiki and CryptPad contributor, business lead of XWiki & CryptPad
- Anca Luca: 10 year XWiki committer and XWiki Client team CTO
- Clément Aubin: XWiki committer & Google Summer of Code Mentor
- Steve Phillips: creator of CrypTag & Cypherpunks Write Code; lead developer of LeapChat
- You!

For more about CryptPad and related secure tools, see .