Free Photo Exhibition & Opening Reception @ Deutsches Haus NYU - Apocalypse

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New York City German Culture Group
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Deutsches Haus at NYU

42 Washington Mews · New York, NY

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This is a public event. There is no specific area for our group to meet. Come and enjoy!

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Note: To register, please answer the 2 (two) questions when you RSVP, which will ask you for your full name & e-mail. I (Thomas, your Organizer) will not be attending this event, but you are in good hands at Deutsches Haus as they have staff members on site to assist you with any questions.

We are participating in 2 parallel events this Friday, please check our calendar and pick your favorite.

What to expect

The photographs feature New York as seen through puddle reflections (appropriate for today!) and produce eerie, almost catastrophic-looking results. Hans will be present to discuss his work and answer questions.

The Exhibition

Deutsches Haus at NYU presents Apocalypse, an exhibition of photographs by Hans Weiss.

The first time Hans Weiss moved to New York, in the 1990s, the skyscrapers in the cityscape fascinated him. As symbols of power and money they force you to look upwards and to feel small. But during rainy days they appear to fall down into the puddles forming on the streets. Back then, Weiss took a few pictures of these reflections, in black and white.

When he moved to New York the second time, in 2014, Weiss revisited this theme, photographing the reflections in color, which added an apocalyptic dimension. A closer look at these images yielded a glimpse into another world, with eerie colors, shapes and distortions, caused by the debris, mud, leaves, undercoating, dirt, and wind. Even the reflected people seem to stem from some other place, and some other time. In these images New York is set on fire, with buildings and trees in flames, distorted, falling apart or being flooded.

The exhibition will be on display at Deutsches Haus @ NYU until December 22nd.

The Artist

Hans Weiss is a Vienna based photographer and writer. His fiction and nonfiction books sold more than five million copies and are translated into 17 languages. He received his photographic education at the ICP in 1994/95, when he was living in New York. In 1997/98 and 2010/2011 he attended the School for Art Photography in Vienna, where he enrolled in workshops of Wolfgang Tillmans and various other renowned photographers. His photographic work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Germany and Austria and in group exhibitions in Paris, Venice, Salzburg, and Vienna - for example his New York series success at the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg in 2012. His photographic work is mentioned in several professional journals, for instance in Camera Austria and in artmagazine.

A new ebook by Hans Weiss, published in German by Hanser Verlag/Munich, will be available at the end of November.

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Who is hosting the event?

Deutsches Haus @ NYU is the host for this event. They have staff members on site. There is no organizer present from our meetup, please see their staff members with any questions.

How do I get there by subway?

N/R - 8th St NYU (3 Blocks)

6 - Astor Place (4 blocks)

B/D/F/M - West 4th St (5-8 Blocks)

Please make sure you answer the questions upon you RSVP, and please, as always, update your RSVP if your plans change. It is essential to the organizer and highly appreciated!