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Know a bit about Rails (completed the Ruby on Rails' guides "Getting Started (" section for exemple) but not confident enough to apply for a job or ask for that raise ? Come join us, we’ll help you get comfortable with essential Rails topics!

Learn concepts around Ruby on Rails (authentication, payments, image processing) with these free thematic workshops

Default language will be French unless we have english only speaker then we'll adjust.

This meetup group is targeted at people knowing the basics of ruby on rails and web development and want to learn more. We're going to go through classic concepts that are present in most modern websites, so you can get up to speed.

(We recommand you to also attend to 'Paris Ruby Workshop' for a complete perspective of Ruby and Rails)

Here is the format of our sessions :

- 5-10 mins of slides, presentating the concepts of what we are going to learn

- 10-30 mins of live coding by the mentor to show the basic concepts

- ~1h30 of guided workshop, where mentors are available to help

*Our Github:

*Any question about Rails and Ruby? Find us on Slack: (Channel #help)

*Our Code of Conduct:

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