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Welcome to Sophia School of Flow, Seuils Labs (http://twitter.com/SEUILS)' training cursus on Management by Flow.

The Benefits of Flow

Flow gets the job done AND makes a better workplace:

• Organizations get more from the resources and time that they have available.

• The people and resources for which they are responsible achieve higher quality work, with lower lead times, reduced backlogs, increased throughput, less fuss and improved job satisfaction.

If you want to know how, this is the place for you and your people.


Our Goal

Our goal is to remove the prevailing profit limitation of the European economy, by educating and assisting its cost-oriented managers towards Flow.

Join Us

If you are involved in the European economy (either as owner, manager or staff), you should join us to learn about and be trained into Flow - the way out of the Cost World.

What You Get

Expect your assumptions to be challenged, your thinking upgraded, and your comfort zone vastly expanded.

Our curricula welcome and support everyone interested in Flow and include serious games, intensive Q&A sessions and practical training by international Flow experts.


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