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The Beauty Of Python Scripting In Blender 3D - A One Day Workshop

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THIS IS A PAID WORKSHOP. YOU MUST SEND A $25.00 non-refundable (and we mean it!) Paypal deposit to [masked] - Total cost is $100 - 15 percent discount for currently registered students .

The purpose of this workshop is to get started using Python scripting in Blender.

We will cover the basic tools available in Blender, an open source 3D content creation application similar to Maya 3D or 3DSMax. We will go over the Blender data model and start manipulating objects with simple commands. An introduction to Python software will also be given to understand its basic grammar. As you may know, Python is a language designed to learn programming but it's also used by advanced programmers. And Blender tightly integrates Python as it's scripting language, bringing added power to the user, allowing manipulation of
the interface, creating automated actions, building plugins, and using the full range of available Python libraries.

By the end of this workshop you should be able to :

A. Model basic shapes in Blender using the interface
B. Write a basic Python script
C. Feel comfortable with the scripting tools and Python documentation in Blender
D. Manipulate objects in Blender through scripting.
E. Load an external Python library and use it inside a script.

Experience with some type of 3D content creation software is required as is a basic familiarity with some type of a programming language (Javascript, etc.). Participants should bring their laptop with either Mac, Windows or Linux and the latest version of Blender installed. Bring a mouse with 3 buttons (3rd one can be scroll) for easier Blender manipulation.

Download Blender here:

And bring a mouse!

This workshop will be taught by Julien Deswaef

the co-author of a manual (in French) on how to use the Blender Game Engine.