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Welcome to AmsterdamJS, the largest and longest-running JavaScript meetup in town!

JavaScript has a bright shining future and the Amsterdam tech scene is thriving. Although there are vibrant user meetups and conferences on related topics, the city needs a strong and all-embracing JavaScript community and AmsterdamJS is it, since 2010. Our goal is to cover everything JavaScript, from the browser to the server, from the framework to the crazy hack and from the hardware appliance to the data visualization.

We are organizing three meetups per year, accessible to all and free of charge, and a full-day conference ( Events take place on Thursday evenings and are hosted in varying venues provided by friends of the community. Each event will feature a couple of talks by members or guests of the community. Speakers are carefully curated and vetted by the organizing team to guarantee top notch quality. Before and after the talks there will be plenty of opportunity to have a drink, meet old friends and make new ones.

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Axel Rauschmayer on Future JS, Runtime Type Checking for TypeScript

Our friends at Bluefront ( have asked Axel Rauschmayer to be one of the speakers at their upcoming meetup. Axel is a well known Javascript Guru and author of several books, including his latest "JavaScript for impatient programmers" ( Axel specializes in JavaScript and web development. He has been developing web applications since 1995 and has written several books about Javascript. This evening, Axel will share his thoughts on Javascript and have a lot of time for a good Q&A! So prepare your questions :) In recent years, JavaScript has grown considerably in size. In this talk, we’ll explore what features are still missing and what features may not be needed. We’ll also take a look at how JavaScript is evolved and how to best decide whether or not to include a feature. To complete the evening, Michael de Wit ( will give a presentation about runtime type checking for TypeScript. Folks from Bluefront have invited our community to join them, and they provide a number of seats for us, so go ahead and RSVP! # Schedule 18:00 - 19:00 welcome, food, and drinks 19:00 - 19:30 Michael de Wit - Runtime Type checking for Typescript 19:45 - 20:30 Axel Rauschmayer - Future JavaScript: what is still missing? + Q&A session 20:30 - 21:30 drinks and socialize # Location Bluefront is easy to reach by car and you can park at the Stadhuis garage in Nieuwegein, which is across the street and open until 23:00. If you're coming in by public transport you can take tram 60 from Utrecht CS and get off at Merwestein, which stops right in front of the building.

🌱 Spring edition: CSS for JS devs, NodeJS Promise, Coding Challenge

Hey folks, come and join us at the upcoming AmsterdamJS Meetup. We're bringing a fresh 🌱 Spring Edition that will be dedicated to CSS for JS developers and keeping your NodeJS promise in Production. We also have a special Coding Challenge for JS pros planned for after the talks, so it's time to bring your A-game! 🏆 We're very grateful for our ongoing event sponsor Evolution Gaming (, React and WebGL shop in Amsterdam and number of other cities in Europe. # Event Schedule 18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization 19:00 - Introduction and announcements 19:10 - 🗣 "Teaching CSS to JavaScripters" by Peter-Paul Koch 19:40 - 🗣 "Keeping your NodeJS promise in production" by Dipro Chatterjee 20:10 - Short break 20:20 - 🏆 Coding Challenge with Ricardo Mallols (Laptop required!) 21:00 - After-party in Crea Cafe ## "Teaching CSS to JavaScripters" by Peter-Paul Koch ( Some JavaScript professionals do not know CSS as well as they’d like to. In order to help them, PPK decided to write a book “CDD for JavaScripters”, where he will explain CSS in terms that JavaScripters will understand. But what are those terms? What kind of teaching would JavaScripters expect? Is there a CSS mental model that is different from a JavaScript mental model? Is CSS a programming language? Does that matter for teaching or learning CSS? PPK will give a brief outline of where he’s standing right now on these questions. The majority of the session will be used for a discussion with the audience. How should he teach CSS? Why is it so hard for some to understand it? What are the least-understood parts of CSS? We hope this discussion will yield valuable feedback. ## "Keeping your NodeJS promise in production" by Dipro Chatterjee ( As an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications. It does not employ multi-threading and yet achieves a desired level of concurrency using its event loop architecture with I/O delegated to libuv. Under the hood, Libuv manages workers to handle asynchronous tasks. During this talk, we will dive into the event loop phases with live code samples e.g. file I/O, data pipelines. Dipro will share some challenges with designing production systems and their solutions. About Dipro Dipro is a Senior Software engineer at DAZN, working on the payments and subscriptions services that enable the user journey of a DAZN customer and generate revenue for the company. I work on AWS, Terraform, Drone and NodeJS. I like promises in Node but never keep them in my personal life. ## Coding Challenge with Ricardo Mallols ( Do you have some basic experience dealing with it? Are you a JavaScript ninja? Either way, this event is for you! Ricardo has been organizing coding challenges to help people improve their JavaScript skills with the support and advice of the top JavaScript developers from London. Ricardo and his team have created a coding game to help you improve your tech skills in a friendly, relaxed and motivational environment. It doesn't matter if you want to break into the tech market or just want to code for fun; don't be shy and come over to enjoy the pleasure of modern programming! Please remember to bring your laptop. 😉 — # Code of Conduct By registering to this event you agree to comply with our Code of Conduct # Contact If you have any questions about the AmsterdamJS community, or willing to support us as a company and sponsor the next event – reach us at [masked] Follow updates on Twitter:

Amsterdam JSNation Conference 2019


Enjoy a summer conference brought to you by the longest running JS community in the Benelux. We're ready to celebrate 9 years in love with JavaScript early June 2019. Amsterdam JSNation is a 2-day (workshops and conference) event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. At our conference, inspiring talks meet fresh ideas and good people - you’ll hear all you need to know about the latest trends in JS tech, see stellar speakers, meet new friends and colleagues, and connect with key people in the industry. Check out the line-up & details on our website - __ Note: RSVP to this event does not grant you access to the conference, please refer to tickets page on the event website. But it's highly welcome to let meetup community you're going! For questions and enquiries email us at [masked]

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