• Accelerating a Sustainable Food Future


    "Our food choices are responsible for 1/3 of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. We have the potential to reduce food related emissions by at least 50% through smart diet choices." Eaternity.org

    Creating a more sustainable world is one of the current world’s most pressing challenges. Come to our upcoming BIS'n'Beer and learn how Eaternity contributes to address such a challenge.

    For the occasion, we have the pleasure to host the co-founder and CEO of Eaternity: Manuel Klarmann.

    Manuel Klarmann is an enthusiastic and active part of Eaternity. As a creative thinker and driving force he is challenged by the variety of projects and opportunities Eaternity has to offer. At the heart of this is the vision to establish climate friendly meals in society. Manuel is fascinated by decentralized technologies that empower people. He loves good vegan food and great human centric design. He holds degrees in Mathematics and Psychology and is a Master of Neural Systems and Computations (Neuroinformatics) at the ETH of Zürich.

  • Increase Competitiveness of Blockchain Technology with DevOps

    Time to reveal the special guest of our last BIS'n'Beer of the year!

    We have the pleasure to host the former FHNW Master student Jorge Alvarado, who is today Head of Technology @ Swisscom Blockchain AG.

    In his talk, Jorge will explain how to increase competitiveness of Blockchain technology with DevOps.
    Jorge will throw some light on the following questions (and many more):

    - What are the activities and responsibilities of a software engineer and DevOps to deliver Bockchain projects to the market?
    - What are the implications for startups and enterprises that design, develop and deploy Blockchain solutions?
    - What is Swisscom and Swiss Post doing to provide a national blockchain infrastructure in Switzerland?

    The talk will be followed by the most awaited Apéro of the year:
    the Christmas Apéro!

    We all look forward to seeing you there.

    - The BIS'n'Beer Team

  • I know what you’ll do next summer!


    "I know what you’ll do next summer!"

    Doesn't it sound more exciting than remembering what you did (or did not do) last summer?

    If yes, you should definitely join the upcoming BIS'n'Beer on the 14th of November.

    For the first time, the BIS'n'Beer stage will host the Swiss FinTech Startup "Contovista".

    Contovista empowers product campaigns for banks and knows what banking product (e.g., credit card or investment product) you will buy even before you know it!

    How? "AI&data", says Kevin Smith, Head of Analytics and AI of Contovista.

    In his talk, Kevin will not only reveal how exciting it is to work with high quality data combined with the latest Machine Learning techniques, but he will also highlight some of the main relevant (and interesting) aspects that need to be taken into account during a data science project. Moreover, he will provide insights and lessons learned from one of his projects in which the credit card campaign for a Swiss bank was empowered with AI&data.

    Kevin’s passion is modelling and understanding data using state-of-the-art AI models and following the topic’s latest research. Together with his ability to bridge the gap between technology and business, he regularly translates new scientific advances in AI into real-world business value for their clients. In his free time, Kevin enjoys doing sports and working on his personal AI projects, such as facial recognition or language modelling. Kevin holds a M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance from ETH Zurich.

    Contovista will sponsor the event and will be available during the Apéro for networking.

    We are delighted to host Kevin and Contovista and we look forward to learning together with you.

    The BIS'n'Beer Team

  • Digital Twins – Digital Advantage on a Model-Driven basis

    Digitalization and digital transformation are everywhere. Going hand-in-hand with topics on data, interfaces, automation and IT. Current digital transformation trends mainly affect business models and business processes. The better and faster the digital transformation the higher the company's competitive advantage!

    In this BIS'n'Beer event, we have to honor to host Dr. Christian Lichka, CEO of BOC Schweiz, who has more than 15 years' experience on analysis, optimization and transformations of businesses.

    Christian will talk about current challenges in the digital transformation and how the "Digital Twin" tackles them and boosts companies' competitive advantage.

    After the talk, the networking part will start in which an Apéro with finger food, local beers and soft drinks will be offered.

    The event is sponsored by BOC-Schweiz: https://ch.boc-group.com/
    Experts from BOC will be available to share their experience with you and tell you about job opportunities.

    We are all looking forward to meeting you and learning with you,
    - The BIS'n'Beer Team

  • Think Automation First


    Before the Summer break, the BIS'n'Beer Team wants to leave you with some insights on how intelligent Robotic Process Automation is improving the way of working.

    For this, we have the pleasure to host Mr. Manfred Köhl, the head of sales and business development of the ESGroup (https://esgroup.ch/).

    Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows anyone today to configure computer software, or a “robot” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. RPA robots utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks. Only substantially better: an RPA software robot never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee. In this session we will show you what RPA and Intelligent Automation is all about and how it works.

    An Apèro will follow after the talk, with local beer, soft drinks and finger food.

    Please register if you intend to join.

    We look forward to seeing you and give a warm goodbye before the Summer break!

    - The BIS'n'Beer Team

  • Innovation & Culture @ Google


    Is the weather too cold these days? Do not worry, we have a hot BIS'n'Beer event for you, which promises to bring a beautiful and warm summer!

    We are honored to host the head of Global Program Development Relations, Uttam Tripathi, who will join us right from the heart of innovation of the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto. He will share insights about how the spirit of innovation and culture has contributed significantly to Google's growth over the last 20 years and created products available to users around the world. Furthermore, he will discuss the increasing role of artificial intelligence, and machine learning in particular. This influences not only Google products, but also to the growing ecosystem of machine learning partners.

    As an alumni of the FHNW, Uttam will share his experience with starting a career at Google and discuss current opportunities.

    Moreover, Google Gadgets will be distributed during the Q & A session. Later on, an aperitif with finger food, local beer and other drinks will be offered.

    The event is sponsored by Google.

  • Kafka - The Pumping Arteries of Data Driven Business

    The Big Data Ecosystem is more than ever facing the challenge of capturing, transporting and provisioning the large amounts of data in real-time.

    Apache Kafka is a cutting-edge technology that not only promises to tackle this challenge but also allows building on top of it to make an intelligent usage of data.

    The company Innovation Process Technology AG (ipt) supports their customers in building complex distributed data streaming platforms based on Apache Kafka to enable event-driven client applications, data streaming and analytics.

    It is with a great pleasure to announce the presence of “ipt” in our second BIS’n’Beer event of this year.

    The Big Data engineer Roland Häusler will take us on the Big Data journey and tell us about the main challenges that occur when setting up a data streaming platform, SECURELY, RELIABLY and CRAZY FAST!

    As cherry on the cake, Roland will outline the new kind of applications and abilities that data streaming enables.

    Roland Häusler, Lead Consultant at ipt, graduated from ETH Zurich with a Master’s Degree in Information Security and joined ipt straight from university.


    Event sponsored by ipt.

    Come and learn about ipt and its career opportunities.

    ipt is a Swiss high-end technology consulting company with more than 130 employees. We develop innovative, integrated software solutions using leading-edge technologies, on-site together with our customers. Although we have been on the market since 1996, we have retained our start-up mentality: flat hierarchy, no departments, and mutual support. We decide together what makes sense for us in the long-term.

  • BAZO – A Swiss Blockchain


    As the first event of 2019, the BIS'n'Beer team is glad to bring on stage one of the current trendiest topics in Information Systems: BLOCKCHAIN!!!

    We are honored to host two experts in the financial industry from The Aduno Group:
    - Tony Weber, Head of Innovation & Technology Management
    - Bedrija Hamza, Business Technology Manager

    Tony and Bedrija will take us to a journey called BAZO – A Swiss Blockchain from Scratch for the Financial Industry.

    Regarding trust and reliability the financial services industry has its own standards due to high compliance and regulatory pressure in recent years. Up to now, the commonly known public blockchain approaches (Ethereum, Bitcoin etc.) could not cope with such requirements. Where applicable, the banking industry organized themselves in numerous consortia with their own, semi- private or private blockchain networks and governance models. In order to gain predictable acceptance within the financial services industry, Aduno Group’s Innovation Lab Area-56 teamed together with University of Zurich to address existing weaknesses of current blockchain networks and build its own modified version of what is considered a new level of scalability, stability and network security right for the purpose of financial transactions and digital assets exchange in the near future.

    During this event you will learn how the idea was growing and which goals were set, what some of the rationales for the project team during the setup and implementation phase were (i.e. consensus approach) and how and what type of “real world” enhancements and applications can be expected in the future.


    Join the event to learn more about BAZO and Blockchain as well as to (re)connect with your peers and other exciting people!

    As the tradition wants, after the talk we will offer an Apéro with finger food, soft drinks and local beers.

    If you plan to attend, please register via Meetup or via the Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/eJSSRvdyJzHaP8Hp1

    We are looking forward to seeing you!
    - The BIS'n'Beer Team

    Event sponsored by The Aduno Group.

    Wanna learn more about the Aduno Group – an award winning Friendly Work Space®? Meet them at the Apéro for an insight into their activities and career opportunities.


  • BIG BANG of modern Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning

    Just quickly before Christmas we conclude our BIS'n'Beer networking events for 2018!
    And of course we won't say goodbye without a proper BIG BANG:

    Marc Stampfli with strong background in Silicon Valley will talk about "BIG BANG of modern Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning”

    Abstract of the talk:
    Modern Artificial Intelligence using Deep Neuronal Networks is already in use every day. If you use Siri to talk to your iPhone, your autopilot from Tesla or just let recommend this special movie which fits your taste – you always use already modern artificial intelligence. But this is only the beginning of the modern AI revolution. The talk gives you insight of the latest developments from the last years of rising AI. It will introduce to you why a GPU was so instrumental for the success for deep learning and gives you an overview about todays hottest technology available to train and use deep neuronal networks. Real live example will help you to relate to the technology and envision what will come in the future.

    As usual we offer an apéro after the presentation, after all our events are called BIS'n'Beer!
    Don't miss the chance to connect with current FHNW students, Alumni, teachers and of course the speaker and expert in the field!

    We are very much looking forward to seeing you!
    The BIS'n'Beer Team

    About the speaker:
    Marc Stampfli is a computer scientist and responsible to build the market for NVIDIA in Switzerland focussing on modern artificial intelligence with deep learning. He has a master in computer science from University of Zurich and has more than 18 years of experience in developing new technology market segments for enterprise companies. Before NVIDIA, he was working in leading positions for major technology companies from Silicon Valley such as IBM, Oracle, but as well traditional companies such as Colt Technology Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is an enthusiastic speaker that is able to explain difficult technological topics in simple words so that everybody can follow and understand.

  • Human-Centered Design: British Miners in the Service Design

    The time has come to resume our BIS'n'Beer networking event!!!

    As the first event of the semester, we propose the following 2 ingredients:

    (1) A current very hot topic "Cyber Security": "Cybersecurity Ventures said that damages related to cyber crime are projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. [...] International Data Corporation projects that by 2020 organizations are expected to spend $101.6 billion on cyber security software, services, and hardware to combat these potential threats." (Forbes 2018).

    (2) Tom Hofmann - an expert in the field who regularly appears in public talks such as TEDx Talks.

    Come and learn Tom's innovative point of view on how to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the cyber security space.

    An Apero will follow the presentation. Don't miss the chance to connect with current FHNW students, Alumni, teachers and experts in the field!

    We look forward to seeing you,
    The BIS'n'Beer Team


    Abstract of the talk

    Mounting resources are spent on advanced security technology, which is generally expected to suppress cybercrime - an increasingly global threat from creative criminals exploiting digital assets and subverting social engineering.

    Tom's point is that the current, tech-focused approach to improving cyber security will prove inefficient and even ineffective.

    Tom proposes combining cyber security and human-centric innovation by applying the concepts of socio-technical systems to today’s cyber security challenges. The approach emerged from field research in British coal mines during WWII, which showed that the interplay of social and technical factors could ensure successful organization-wide performance, while independent optimization of social and technical factors couldn’t.
    Similarly, efficient and effective cyber-security calls for a holistic and systemic approach which combines social and technical measures.

    This novel approach is alien to most technology-oriented IT departments. Tom advocates the combination of advanced technology with human-centered innovation for creating solutions which are humanly viable, technically robust and economically justifiable.
    To achieve this, Tom engages his project teams in Design Thinking workshops, a methodology focusing on understanding problems before solutions are devised. In the process, they emulate the creativity of criminal hackers exploiting systems and people and develop innovative and effective countermeasures.

    Only the proper mix of technology and social aspects can secure powerful solutions against cybercrime. Technology is widely available, but smart solutions also require creativity in the soft area of human factors.