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Ciò che siamo

We are the most welcoming community in Rome that will help you to discover the charming big personality of Rome & surroundings,

while you recharge your energy with locals and International friends.

We like to immerse ourselves in the nature, in the beauty and in the art of our great culture to be happier and share our pleasure for life! 

Foreigners, travelers, expats  and English speaking Italians, all of you are very welcome ! 

Right now,   we organize some hiking day trips and longer week end to discover many natural surroundings of  Rome and charming grand places in Italy in order to recharge our energy and practice more and more our languages skills and to have fun together !

Usually, we organize meet up focused on different theme, that are our passions and represent our lifestyles like food, drink,  art, architecture, bike, scooter, sport's events …..  Some are free and some for a fee.

We' ll invite you to share your passions as well may can be the theme of the next meet up ! 

Share your ideas, emotions, feelings, have fun and be generous, we ‘ll grow a lot exchanging our point of view…. ;)

Bring the best part of you to our meet up. Happy time for happy people! Looking forward to meeting you!

After 2 no show we'll cancel you as member. Please update your RSVP. Thank you.