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The Denver Formula 1 Club was created in March of 2012 by Schuyler Ocheltree because F1 fans are so hard to come by in this country. The group had a slow start due to unfavorable race times and a lack of a good venue to get together and watch the races.

The current co-organizer, Daniel, took over the group in September of 2012 and after a slow start, the group began developing a following towards the end of the 2012 F1 season.

At the start of the 2013 season, the group found The Three Lions Pub along with Jon and Ian Forget through the help of Walter Penny. Our timely union finally gave the group a real venue, opening as early as 5:30 AM to serve us great drinks and food in a truly perfect setting. Unfortunately, all good things seem to come to an end, and in January 2019 the Three Lions poured its last pint and shut the doors for good.

Thankfully, we found a new venue at the Will Call in RiNo. Will Call was a great fit and the Club continued to grow. Most of our watch parties were at RiNo but we ended up with a great backup venue at The Celtic downtown.

As the 2020 season geared up it was almost as quickly shut down by the global pandemic. The race organizers were able to pick up the pieces and get back to racing in July and we ended up with a "full season". There were no watch parties in 2020 due to restaurant restrictions.

We were able to start up our watch parties again in March or 2021 and have been at The Celtic since.

No matter the driver you like or the team you love, come down to The Celtic on appropriate Sundays no matter the hour. There will always be a group of die-hard F1 fans to watch the lights go out, Cheers!

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Monaco Grand Prix (READ CAREFULLY!!!)

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Race fans it's that time of year again! Historic, challenging, and glamorous, the FORMULA 1 MONACO GRAND PRIX is a heady thrill. This is the sixth year running (let’s just pretend “the COVID years” never happened) we will be holding our Monaco viewing event on the big screen at the Sie Film Center!

We will be supporting the Denver Film Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit, as they have generously donated theater space for our group to enjoy F1's pinnacle event! A suggested minimum $20 dollar donation (of course more if you feel moved to do so) at the door or online will go directly to the Denver Film Society. Last time we raised well over $1000 for the DFS - let’s blow that away!

Breakfast (starting at 6am) from The Mr. Kolache food truck and cocktails (mimosas, bloody mary bar & more starting at 7am) will be available, and we are encouraging guests to "dress to impress!

Doors will open at 6:00 a.m. for the pre-race show and lights out at 7:00 a.m.

We have other great things in the works, including some epic giveaways (if you are a business owner and would like to promote your business by making a donation, please contact [masked]) and an impromptu car show to follow the race in the parking garage next to the Sie Film Center. Show off your ride!

Join us at our 6th annual event to watch the race every driver dreams of winning, and every fan dreams of attending!

*** If you are interested in making a donation for our giveaways or displaying your car at the 2022 #DenverF1 Monaco GP Car Show contact Daniel Schrader at [masked]

## About the Monaco Grand Prix

### When was the track built?

In 1215, sort of – that’s when Monaco was first established as a colony of Genoa.

### When was its first Grand Prix?

It was 1929 when racing engines first reverberated around the Principality, after cigarette manufacturer Antony Noghes decided to organise a race with his pals from the Automobile Club de Monaco. The race was part of the calendar in the first year of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1950, and hasn’t been off it since 1955.

### What’s the circuit like?

Incredibly narrow and totally iconic. Nelson Piquet memorably described driving around Monaco as “like riding a bicycle around your living room”… which is fair. Despite that, it’s a challenge that nearly all drivers love, forcing them to put their skills on the line and rewarding millimetric accuracy. Overtaking on the tight streets is harder, however, with the 2003 Grand Prix witnessing a grand total of zero passing moves!


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