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Bring your neural networks to the browser with TF.js!

Iscrizione su eventbrite TensorFlow.js is a new open-source project by Google allowing you to train and deploy TF/Keras models to the browser (in Javascript). This brings up two questions: how do we use it? and, more importantly, what can we do with it? In this talk I will try to answer both questions, by showing some representative use cases and a live coding session in TF.js. I will also discuss more broadly the growing importance of deep learning for front-end design and human interfaces. Simone Scardapane Simone Scardapane is an assistant professor at Sapienza University (Rome), with a focus on deep learning. He is a co-founder of the Italian Association for Machine Learning, and a co-organizer of the Rome ML Meetup. From 2017 he is a Google Developer Expert for ML. Schedule: 19 Aperitivo di benvenuto 1930 Speech su Tensorflow.Js 2030 Networking Organizzatori FEVR - Frontenders Verona TVML - Taralluci Vino e Machine Learning IAML - Italian Association for Machine Learning

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