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Franglish is a French/English language swap event taking place every week from 7 to 9pm in some of the best venues across Nice, Antibes and Cannes. Made for native English speakers and native French speakers (people fluent in English or French are also welcome to join us !). Practicing is the best way to learn French and you'll discover French culture with locals.

Watch a video here :

Over 15 people attend each event. Your French (or English) doesn't have to be perfect, a lot of people come who speak very little French/English. FRANGLISH is not only organized through Meetup so don't worry if there's only a few people registered on the site, just come because there are always about 15 people.

Discover Franglish and its format of 1-to-1 conversations that last for 14 minutes (7 min in English, 7 min in French), that gives you the opportunity to meet many native speakers. But Franglish doesn’t just stop there. Ask around – you’ll find that many people find their friends at Franglish.

Find out why! Come to our next event. Franglish is a social event, and it is NOT speeddating !!!

You need to Sign up at because it is the only way for us to match the number of French and English speakers

13 € including 1 drink to get the night started.

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