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International Women of Milan ( (IWM) invites you to join our Italian–English language exchange. How is this language exchange different from other English-language events in Milan?

1. ***Women only!***

2. We talk in pairs, with equal time speaking in English and Italian. (No being shy, no slipping back in your native language.)

3. Obligatory time for corrections and feedback. (No making the same mistakes again and again, without anyone telling you you're wrong.)

4. Highly structured, including conversation topics (because we already know how to make small talk).

5. Repetition! We discuss each question twice.

6. No judgment! This is a safe environment for learning.

See you there!! Ci vediamo là!


Facebook group: ("Notifications" > "All Posts").

WhatsApp group for PRACTICING ITALIAN:

WhatsApp group for PRACTICING ENGLISH:

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