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Hi, I have been requested by several people in the MeetUps that I have attended to organize an Indian dinner :) So here we go : I would like to organize an Indian dinner on Friday, October 10 at Garam Masala (Address - Piazza XXIV Maggio, 10, 20123). It will be helpful if I can know as soon as possible the number of people that will be attending so I can speak to the owner of the restaurant and try to get a good deal. Please note that this will be a buffet and the menu will be decided by me. For those of you who have tried Indian cuisine in the past and want to eat something in particular, please let me know about your preferences. I will try my best to have it included in the menu but I cannot guarantee anything. I will let you the know the cost per person once I know the exact number of people that will be coming. Hope to see many of you coming Friday.

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