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WHO ARE WE? We are Italian and foreign people who like to spend time together talking in English! If you are looking for meeting new friends, practicing your spoken English, having fun and enjoying a drink and a bite and a chat join our "International Fun Club"!!

All nationalities and all skills levels are welcome, don't care if you think your English is not good enough, just have fun!!!!!

WHERE DO WE MEET? we usually meet in the best available venues in Milan but sometimes we also organise anything else that can help us to meet new people and share our passion since we are...citizens of the the world!!!

If you want to practise and improve your english or simply have fun with other are always welcome!

HOW DO I JOIN? Publishing your real picture and Introducing yourself is compulsory - just a short presentation - where from - your occupation - can you offer to other members some freelance activity?

Ready to go?


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