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Terraform modules and best-practices
Anton Babenko will talk about different aspects when using Terraform - from common problems and solutions to best practices. During the talk, he will also cover Terraform modules (eg,, how to use them in a typical Terraform project, and what are the limitations of Terraform modules. The talk will be rather interactive with real code, so feel free to bring your problems and questions. Bio: Anton Babenko is a long time developer, CTO, and tech-lead who is spending a large amount of his time as an open-source contributor to various Terraform & AWS projects, terraform-aws-modules, and a few others. The most popular one is where he manages a collection of verified Terraform AWS modules (terraform-aws-modules on GitHub) which is being downloaded more than 1 million times. --- Questo meetup è organizzato insieme all'HashiCorp User Group Milano ( e ringraziamo AWS per l'ospitalità.

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