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Trying to learn to accept "what is", right now. That is what mindfulness is about for me.

"What is" includes your struggle to be less stressed, your restlessness, your frustration that you don't find the patience to meditate like a buddha, your boredom with meditating, your hypersensitivity, your desire to connect with people in the group facing the same challenges.

So you can bring yourself as you are. There are no expectations about your participation and progress. Just a kind invitation to be kind to yourself.


There are two kinds of meetings in this group;

1) High energy/Restlessness

This meeting is tailored to people who don't find themselves sitting still easily for 45 minutes. So we focus on what works for you. Accepting high energy instead of suppressing it is part of the rationale.

2) Smart overthinking/High sensitivity

This meeting is for you if you feel like you tend to process more information/tend to process things more deeply than the average person. Many people who recognise themselves in this description struggle with questions like 'Should I suppress my sensitivity/thought processes or should I rather give them more space?'. We'll see if we can escape from this dichotomy.


Format of the meetings

1) Mindfulness meditation

2) Sharing experiences/questions

3) Meeting other participants


The first meetups will start March 2018. Stay tuned!


About me

I'm Francisco. A life long experience with restlessness and overthinking brought me to mindfulness. When I did my first 8-weeks mindfulness course, I felt frustrated and bored and thought that mindfulness is not for me. When I started doing the mindfulness teacher training however, I learned that I myself and people like me could benefit a great deal from it. I'm also a coach & psychologist. If you like to ask me something/share ideas, I would be happy to hear from you.
I organise mindfulness groups in Milano, Geneva, Zürich and Amsterdam.

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