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PyData is a group for users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other. We gather to discuss how best to apply Python tools, as well as those using R and Julia, to meet the evolving challenges in data management, processing, analytics, and visualization. PyData groups, events, and conferences aim to provide a venue for users across all the various domains of data analysis to share their experiences and their techniques. PyData is organized by, a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States.

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PyData February

Motius GmbH

PyData Munich is back with another accessible data science tutorial! Talk to be announced! Schedule: - 18:30 Doors open - 19:00 Welcome to PyData Munich - 19:15 “Introduction to Micropython” by Sebastian Plamauer, Embedded Engineer & Tech Specialist @ Motius - 19.40 “Introduction to Apache Pig – Data Engineering for Python Programmers” by Furqan Shakoor, Software Engineer & Tech Specialist @ Motius - 20.05 "How to track and organize your experimentation process" by Jakub Czakon You will learn how with some simple steps you can have your work organized around creative iterations, reproducible and easy to share with anyone. You will see how to easily track the code, metrics, hyperparameters, learning curves, data versions and more. Bonus point: we will speak with a bot that knows a lot about the experiments. - 20:30 Job advertisements and networking with beer and pizza Many thanks to Motius ( for hosting and sponsoring this event! Hope to see you there! Connor P.S.: If you are interested in giving a talk or hosting an event, please contact one of the organizers! If you are looking for inspiration for a talk topic or want to request one, please check out the ever-growing lists of topics here:

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Python Talk about Snakemake

codecentric AG

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