CONFERENCE CALL MEETUP: Glen Dunzweiler: 7 Ways to Shoot Better iPhone Video


Glen Dunzweiler is a Director/Producer who has taught for Cal State Univeristy San Bernardino and UC Riverside. He has an MFA from University of Missouri and a BA in Drama from Cal State Sacramento.

In this conference call he'll be reviewing 7 fast, cheap, and effective ways to dramatically improve the quality of videos you shoot with your phone. Though the iPhone camera and add-on lenses are very good, there's more to good video than high resolution.

These techniques are critical for anyone who wants to:

Shoot founder statements, product demos, testimonials, endorsements, using their iPhone.

Ensure that the sound they collect for their phone is high quality and consistent across multiple scenes.

Ensure video people recording statements or reading lines directly into the camera, don't look hokey.

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If you're looking to participate in events where you look at/work with the technology required to produce good content cost effectively, you might find Glen's brand new meetup interesting.

This conference call event will start at 7 and end at 8:15. Up to 100 people can attend. Please RSVP to ensure you get updates and information distributed to those who attend.

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