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Let's talk about architecture - An experience report by Solunio
Hi all! I'm glad to announce the last meetup for 2018, presented by Solunio. Solunio is a company from Brunico and has specialized in dynamic data management for manufacturing. With their software product Visual Shop Floor, they support their customers in monitoring and visualizing production processes in real-time and in identifying optimization potential. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Ivan is a Lead Developer at Solunio since 3 years. He is a passionated frontend and backend developer, with interest in the implementation of CI/CD processes using container technologies. He has studied computer science in Innsbruck and has published several projects on GitHub. ABSTRACT: Over the past three years we have developed the data management platform Visual Shop Floor. From the beginning we have set on JavaScript and the MEAN stack. Over time, we have gradually added specific frameworks, which helped us, to implement new features as well as improving productivity and time to market. In addition to the development of the software system, we have also automated the development processes, following the paradigm of continuous integration and continuous delivery. In this talk, Ivan speaks about the experiences he has made in the implementation of Visual Shop Floor. In particular, he will introduce the basic technologies and components such as Angular, Node.js, Mongo DB, Influx DB and RabbitMQ and report, how this systems have been combined into a stable and reliable platform. In addition, Ivan will give an insight into the CI/DC process at Solunio and talk about the systems used, such as Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, etc. LOCATION: We will be again at our usual location at the systems GmbH headquarters.

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