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Speed Funding Game @ Milano
**Please make sure you register and pay in the following link (and also mark your attendance in our meetup group)-- Let's meet with (prospective) entrepreneurs and (prospective) investors for a Speed Funding event: to network, exchange ideas, take up the role of an entrepreneur or investor for a day, and get to know the fundraising process a little better while playing (and with some luck find someone to help you with your project). The event is ideal for founders who would like to test their elevator pitch for the first time with one person at a time, instead of in front of a large audience. Before and during the event, you will also receive an introduction to the fundraising process, with both general tips and technical information. Olivia Passoni works internationally on finance and valuation of startups, and will be available during the event for questions and advice. If: you are an experienced entrepreneur and would like to start a new venture/ You are a startup founder or are about to start one/ You would like to become part of the startup scene but you do not know if your idea will be well received/ Or simply if you're like to network, sign up as 'Founder' If: you are an investor and you would like to meet new entrepreneurs (you can also keep this secret)/ You would like to become a business angel but you do not know exactly what it would be like/ You are part of an accelerator, incubator or similar and would like to have more direct access to new founders/ Or simply, you would like to put yourself in the investor's shoes for a day, sign up as 'Investor' The main event will be in Italian, but you can also participate in the Speed Funding if you speak English (Most people will speak some English). During the Speed Funding, you will have 5-10 minutes to present yourself to each participant of the opposite category (before changing seat and passing on to the next candidate), ask questions and show what you can offer each other. It is of course best to present real ideas and projects, but it's not compulsory. According to the number of participants, we may create more than one group. Every (real or fake) investor will have € 1 million (nto real, there will be no money given out!) to distribute freely among Founders. We will give a form to fill in your preferences, anonymously: in the end we will select a winning startup or founder that has collected the most funds! The Founders will also have the possibility to anonymously select the investors that they would like to work with. Before the event, you will receive some slides that will help you get to know the early-stage investment market and ask the right questions. The agenda for the event is: 19:00 We gather at the mpact Hub, networking and short presentation on 'Investment Readiness' (in Italian) 19:45 Speed Funding 21:15 Winners and Networking (until 22:00) The cost of the ticket is a contribution to cover organisation costs. If the minimum number of participants is not met, all tickets will be reimbursed. See you there!

Impact Hub Milano

Via Aosta 4 · Milan

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