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Dare to shine: women and public speaking - a workshop (#WCLisboa side event)

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Dare to shine: women and public speaking - a workshop (#WCLisboa side event)


Women are statistically less engaged with public speaking. This is due to culture and context, but also to anxiety, Impostor Syndrome, self-doubt, fear of holding enough expertise and judgment.

In this workshop/meetup dedicated to the women of the WordPress Community and beyond, we will discuss personal anecdotes, learn to identify negative patterns, shine a light on what holds women back, and provide tips and tools to embark on a quest for self-discovery and empowerment, to foster the development of engaging, memorable and fearless speakers.

Some of the topics we will cover: personal stories and anecdotes; things that hold us back; anxiety, expertise, charisma, courage, freedom, and power; topics and decks; daring to shine.

The workshop will be lead (in English) by Raffaella Isidori, an Italian/American communication designer, who also coaches professionals, and has taken speaking by the horns going from 0 experience to almost 20 talks/workshops in a little over a year.

The workshop is free, but space is limited. So you need to sign up soon, but we also ask you to be respectful: please sign up only if you really intend to participate, and if something happens, please let us know asap, so we can give your seat to someone else.

This is a side event of WordCamp Lisboa 2019

Av. Álvaro Pais 10A · Lisboa
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