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What is Fury?
Kubernetes Fury is a battle-tested distribution purely based on upstream Kubernetes. Deploy and manage a stable and production-grade Kubernetes cluster at scale with a comprehensive cloud native stack implemented with top-notch CNCF components.

For anyone interested in all things cloud native, this Meetup is to learn about technologies within the Fury open source ecosystem.
We'll share our experiences building and deploying software with Kubernetes and CNCF projects, as well as operating Kubernetes successfully in the enterprise, best practices, use cases, recipes...and more!
What works, doesn't work, and everything in between.

We’ll do our best to increase your knowledge and level up your skills by bringing you some of our best free and educational content there is.

If you're interested in containers, Kubernetes, monitoring systems within Prometheus, Infrastructure as Code, service mesh or any of the many technologies in the new cloud native stack, you should join us!
If you run Fury, or plan to run it, or plan to run more than one Kubernetes cluster, you've come to the right place!
And finally, whether you are just starting out on your cloud native development journey or have been going for some time, this is the place to be!

This group is run by the SIGHUP team and our friends and partners.
Each meetup will focus on practical applications for one or more of these technologies. No commercial pitches.

The events will be held in English.

Here is how you can stay connected:

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