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We all need friends, and Akka just found Kubernetes

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We all feel alone sometimes. Akka got along well with the VM crew ever since it was born, but new friends and fresh ideas are always necessary. Which is why lately Akka loves spending time with Kubernetes! Maybe the reason why they like each other so much is their sharing of core values such as transparent scalability and resilience.

How do these two technologies compare from a Reactive standpoint? Does one supersede the other? In fact, their powers can be combined to design distributed systems all the way from application code to cloud instance.

LO SPEAKER: Fabio Tiriticco

Fabio is a software engineer, conference speaker, and community leader based in Amsterdam. While building his own start up, he fell in love with Akka, Scala, and Reactive systems, so much so that he founded the 2000-member strong Reactive Amsterdam meet up group. When not in front of a screen, he enjoys long distance bike rides and fingerpicking his guitar.