Neo4j 3.5 Product Update

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Ahead of GraphTour Milan ( ) we will bring you a special Neo4j Meetup in Milan.

We are happy to have Ivan Zoratti in town, Director of Product Managament at Neo4j who will give an update on all the new development around Neo4j 3.5
- Full-Text Indexing & Search
- Go Language Driver + All-New Seabolt Connector Architecture
- Native Indexes
- Off-Heap Transaction State
- Index-Backed ORDER BY
- New security features

Also we will have Andrea Santurbano, Neo4j Certified Professional & Principal Consultant at LARUS
Title: Leveraging real-time streaming with Neo4j-Streams
Abstract: Nowadays real-time Messaging Systems has become widely used, covering a variety of use-cases, from log aggregation to real-time Stream Processing (in combination with Big Data Processing Frameworks). In this talk we'll introduce how to use Apache Kafka (the most used Message Brocker) in combination with Neo4j through the Neo4j-Streams project, demonstrating via simple use-cases how you can leverage the information driven by the Change Data Capture Module and how to add Neo4j in your streaming flow by using the Sink module.

Our third speaker of the evening will be Nunzio Pellegrino, Data Scientist and Product Owner at Cerved

Why you need custom Graph Algorithms? Cerved use case

Neo4j are introducing Graph Algorithms more and more. However, custom graph algorithms are necessary in order to adapt to the its own business requirement and the structure of its own graph. In this talk, we will show how Cerved, from the Italian business graph, created a closeness score between pairs of economic entities (companies or people) and an economic entity and a blacklist / whitelist, using a custom weighted shortest path algo.