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Hand-on Blockchain R&D group - Zurich

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Join us for our events. You can join a team or start your own team (or work alone) to develop anything blockchain related that you're passionate about. We are a platform that fosters a self organizing blockchain R&D community. We welcome everyone from software developers to regulation researchers, to entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

Learn blockchain by doing blockchain and accelerate your process through collaborations with other knowledgeable group members. We created this group for the benefit of us all. Our group is a platform to socialize, network, learn, build and research and more. We organize into two main categories, research and development. In both categories anyone can form or join a team to develop and learn something they are passionate about.

Every team creates and controls a public GitHub repository in our organization and can use it to collaborate, share, and advance their topics of choice. We have software development groups for full stack smart contract development or even protocol level development, we have groups for researching blockchain technologies as well as for researching legal, regulatory, environmental, etc, topics in relation to blockchain technologies. It's completely up to you what you want to do and we will do our best to support your R or D (or both). Our members can also run workshops and other activities for select teams or for our whole group from time to time.

Please note that this group welcomes all people, beginners or advanced, and emphasizes on creating a non-discriminatory environment for all its participants.

Looking forward to hanging out with you!

Zurich Blockchain R&D

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Hands-on Blockchain R&D

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Hands-on Blockchain R&D

Bahnhof Leimbach, 8041 Zürich

Hands-on Blockchain R&D

Chainworks AG

Hands-on Blockchain R&D

Chainworks AG

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