Transcend to The World! Power of IT Women

AWS Asian Women's Association
AWS Asian Women's Association


In the IT industry including AWS, many women are active in many countries around the world.
However, I am still thinking that the success of that activity is not taken up to some extent. I am thinking that there is no opportunity for our comrades to listen to them or opportunities to deliver them.
In Japan there is a female user group of AWS, and female colleagues have gained lot of learning and awareness through this exchange place. So this is only an event of a small country in Japan.
For the first time in Asian countries, as many companies enter the global market, in a community where people and people can deeply engage, we keep that exchange in a small world. Especially women appreciate that they are hiding in their shadows. This is extremely undesirable, I think that if you can communicate deeper than a community like female colleagues, and develop our passion, the world will be changed more.
I can not do anything extremly, but it was thought that we opened the 0 th Meeting Up as a place to deepen the circle and exchange of women's women shining in Asia as a result of such a wonderful opportunity.
And I hope everyone, not just women, participate, and I hope everyone will know about this activity.

★Please join us!!!!
Anyone who accepts this activity is welcome, regardless of gender or country.

★Day schedule
10:30〜 Opening (acceptance start)
11:00〜 Opening (main part start)
12:30〜 Lunch Break @Amazon Web Services Singapore Pte Ltd
13:45〜 Start afternoon session
17:00 End of main part

★After party
18:00〜 @Amazon Web Services Singapore Pte Ltd

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