Let's see the red leaves@ Mt. Takao!高尟山を登っお玅葉を芋に行きたしょう
(日本語は英語の䞋 Hello everyone! Among other things, Japan is famous for its beautiful autumn colors, especially the red falling leaves! If you want to admire the autumn leaves from a charming spot, please join us on our trip to Mount Takao, on November 24th (Sat)! We’ll climb the mountain (approximately 1~1.5 hours of hiking), and we’ll discover all the autumn colors, whilst maybe even drinking a beer on your way up! If we’re lucky, we might even see Mount Fuji from the top of Mount Takao! If we get tired after reaching the top, we might even decide to take the cable cars on the way down! After the climb, if everyone is in the mood, we might have a small party at a local izakaya. There are no participation fees, you’ll just have to pay for yourself (transportation, etc). You can count approximately 1000y for the train back and forth, plus extras if you want to join us at the izakaya together! As it might be a bit chilly, we recommend you to dress in something warm, and everything needed for a climb: water, appropriate shoes, snacks, etc! We’ll meet at 8:30am in Shinjuku, at the Shinjuku Station East Exit Front Square, to take the train together. https://goo.gl/maps/w6Bh6W2Y9Ho If you’d rather meet us directly at Mount Takao, please let us know so we can arrange a meeting point there! We hope to see you there! 皆様こんにちは いよいよ秋ですね今幎も䞀緒に玅葉を芋に行きたせんか 私たちは日本人ず倖囜人が䞀緒に高尟山を登るむベントを蚈画しおいたす 英語で喋りながら、䞀緒に高尟山を楜しみたしょう 詳现は以䞋通り 日付11月24日土 集合時間08:30 集合堎所新宿駅東口駅前広堎 https://goo.gl/maps/w6Bh6W2Y9Ho ※盎接珟地で集合したい方はご連絡をください。 参加費甚は䞍芁で、亀通費甚やその二次䌚の費甚は各自で負担するこず 亀通費甚は䞀人1000円前埌を予想しおいたす 圓日は倚分寒くなるので、暖かい服のご甚意をください それではお埅ちしおおりたす

Keio Takao Sanguchi station

Mount Takao, Hachioji · 東京郜

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