CARE Diversity Workshop (Mental Illness) CARE 多様性ワークショップ(精神疾患)
CARE is hosting FUN workshops to raise awareness of diversity (e.g. disability, mental illness and multicultural background) in Kobe this year! (Admission: 1000 yen/person) 今年、CAREは多様性(障がい、精神疾患、外国ルーツなど)に対する理解を深める楽しいワークショップを神戸で実施しています!(参加費:1000円/人) Our third workshop is about mental illness. Let’s cultivate a better understanding of what mental illness is by meeting a brave lady who was involved in the infamous 2005 tragic train accident. The importance of fate will be taught through this workshop. After the workshop we will have a social mixer with drinks and snacks for everyone to get to know each other. 第3回目のテーマは「精神疾患」です。1人の女性が経験した壮絶な体験を通じて、心の病とは何か、その理解を深めてみませんか?誰にでも起こりえることと、一度考えてみませんか?『命をつなぐ手』つないでみましょう。ワークショップのあとは、リラックスした雰囲気の中でお互いを知り合うことができる交流会を実施します(飲み物・お菓子あり)。 The event will be bilingual (English and Japanese) so there is no need to worry if you cannot speak Japanese. イベントは日本語と英語の両方で行いますので、英語が分からなくても心配無用です! We have the honor of having Chizuko Asano who is a survivor from the JR Fukuchiyama Line Derailment in 2005 that tragically took the lives of 107 passengers. Chizuko was on the second car and suffered from ten broken bones. She recovered with nine surgeries and physical therapy but she became severely depressed with PTSD. She was admitted to a hospital three times and went through pharmacotherapy. Now she gives lectures and writes based on her experiences in which she was injured but has fully recovered. She is also a Pilates trainer. Blog: http://ameblo.jp/fivetree0801/ 今回のゲストスピーカー:浅野 千通子さん 26才の時、通勤途中に107名の命を奪ったJR福知山線の列車脱線事故で2両目に乗り合わせ、全身10数か所を骨折。9度の手術とリハビリを越え回復するも、30才を目前に重度のうつ病とPTSDを併発。その後8年間に渡って、3度の入院と薬物療法を行う。現在は、怪我やうつ病を完全に克服した自身の経験を元に、講演や執筆だけでなく、ピラティスの講師としても活動中。<ブログ随時更新中→http://ameblo.jp/fivetree0801/> This event is for people who… -cannot find joys in everyday life, feel like things are piled up in mind, and want to learn about mental illness -have families or friends suffering from mental illness -have colleagues with mental illness in your workplace, wondering how to treat and stay considerate of feelings of them We hope that you will get a tip from Ms. Asano’s talk through this workshop. このイベントは、以下のような方々にぜひお越しいただきたいです! -なんとなく心にゆとりがなく、毎日を楽しめなくなっている方、心の病って何だろうと疑問に思っている方 -心の病に苦しむ家族や友人をお持ちの方 -お勤め先に心の病を持つ方、またその接し方に戸惑い、どう寄り添えばいいか悩んでいらっしゃる方 浅野 千通子さんのお話とワークショップを通じて、そのヒントを持ち帰っていただけると嬉しいです。 For those who will come with wheelchairs there are elevators and a bathroom for wheelchair users so please don't worry! 車いすで起こしの皆さん:会場にはエレベーターと車いす用のトイレがあります。安心してご参加ください。 How to get to the venue. Videos are available: https://www.kobe-kinrou.jp/shisetsu/kinroukaikan/index.html#h2435 会場までの行き方はこちら(ビデオもあります):https://www.kobe-kinrou.jp/shisetsu/kinroukaikan/index.html#h2435 Everyone is more than welcome to join us. It’s going to be a fun event!! Looking forward to seeing you there! どなたでも参加できます!とっても楽しいイベントになりますので、楽しみにしてくださいね。皆さんにお会いできるのを楽しみにしています! Anju & Mayuko


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Hello everybody!

Thank you for your interest in CARE.

CARE is a non-profit international volunteer group to support people to become happier and healthier with various fun activities!

Our main focus are children, working mothers and people from diverse backgrounds, especially disabilities, mental illnesses and multicultural backgrounds.

Here is our official website: http://care-volunteer.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/carevolunteergroup/ (https://www.facebook.com/carevolunteergroup/?pnref=story)





公式ウェブサイトはこちらです: http://care-volunteer.com/ja/

フェイスブックページはこちらです:https://www.facebook.com/carevolunteergroup/ (https://www.facebook.com/carevolunteergroup/?pnref=story)


CARE stands for


We help children and working mothers in a number of ways; for example by teaching language, art (dance, music, rhythms, etc.), building self-esteem, boosting confidence, to name a few.

CARE provides working mothers who are busy working and taking care of their home with…

1. Activities to spend more time with their children, which fosters better relationships with their children while having fun and learning.

2. Workshops and lectures on different topics such as raising children, special education and mental health issues. Working mothers can listen to experts’ opinions and share information with those who have similar issues.

We have ties with other organizations that support children and working mothers and co-host events. Stay tuned!


We participate in activities for volunteering, charity events (e.g. charity walks/runs to support working mothers). We will also engage in fun activities such as games and sports to help each other become better, not only mentally but physically. After all, having a healthy mind and body makes us better able to help others ;)


Many of life's issues arise from our relationships and inter-personal communication. This encompasses any connections we have with others: family, friends, classmates, coworkers, neighbors and even ourselves. The plan is to create a comfortable environment where we can share issues that are currently bothering us or even things we have overcome in our pasts, problems related to self-esteem, career, school, you name it. As we all know, it sometimes helps just to talk about whatever we are going through and to listen to others who have or have had similar issues.


Laughter, smiling, fun. These are some of life's best medicines and you don't need a prescription :) Smiles breed more smiles. This will always be a fun and safe environment for us to help people and each other.

Please join us if you are interested in helping others and desire greater opportunities to do so ;)

CARE is for people helping people :)

Thank you!







1. 子どもたちとより多くの楽しい時間を過ごす活動を提供します。子どもたちが楽しみながら学んでいる間に、親子のより良い関係構築に貢献します。

2. 子育て、特別支援教育、メンタルヘルスなどのワークショップやレクチャーの開催します。専門家のお話を聞いて、同じ悩みを抱えるママさんたちと情報交換する場を提供します。










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