Enjoy the Atago-Jinja Equinox Festival 愛宕神社 秋の例大祭 & visit to NHK Museum!
Atago-jinja Shrine Autumn Festival: 愛宕神社 秋の例大祭 On Sunday, September 23rd, let's walk, talk, eat & drink while chatting with new friends at an exciting festival at the Great Shogun's favorite shrine! First, we'll see the exciting: "Stone Staircase to Promotion (shusse no ishidan) Equinox Festival" at famous Atago-Jinja in Kamiya-cho. Then, in between the two most important phases of this exciting & historic festival, we'll explore the fascinating NHK Museum nearby! (Museum admission is FREE!) Built atop an extinct volcano, at 29 meters above sea level, this is the second highest natural point in the 23 prefecture of Tokyo! Gorgeous "Atago-jinja" is where the annual Autumn Equinox "Stairway of Success" festival will be taking place! On the way we'll explore a lovely Buddhist temple, old homes & other wonders in the area! This was the great Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu's favorite Shinto shrine in Edo. He said that climbing up this very steep hill taught him perseverance & steadfastness. Legends say that in 1634 a young, ambitious Samurai, "Heihachiro Magaki" rode all the way to Edo from Kyoto and climbed these steps on horseback (a truly dangerous feat) just to deliver a flowering plum branch to "the Shogun's jinja". A plum tree sprouted from that branch still grows at Atago shrine! (Flowers of different kinds held important meaning for samurai) Naturally, the Shogun was very pleased and the young Samurai advanced in the ranks, but first he had to get his horse down off the hill, a feat which supposedly took nearly an hour! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxveAQBpj_c 出世の石段祭(隔年)> 9月23日> 神社で一番大きなお祭り。> 一年の感謝を神様に捧げる。2年に1度、御> 神輿が出世の石段を行き来し大変勇壮である。> 町内を巡行した後、提灯を付けた御神輿が急勾配の石段を登る様はダイナミックそのもので祭りのクライマックスに相応しく興奮は一気に高まる。> 【大祭式】>> 一年の感謝を氏子・崇敬者と共に捧げる。装束を着けた神職により厳かに執り行われる。 Witness the climax on September 23 as a lit-up O-mikoshi (a portable shrine) is carried down these amazingly steep 86 step & then, after parading around the neighborhood, is wrestled back to the top again while the assembled masses roar with excitement!" http://www.atago-jinja.com (http://www.atago-jinja.com/) http://www.japan-talk.com/jt/new/atago-shrine-tokyo (Note: Nobody must climb this steep staircase--although it's fun-- as there's an elevator which goes from ground level up to the NHK museum located nearby!) In olden times this beautiful shrine was easily seen from the towers of Edo Castle, and at one time you could see much of Tokyo and Mount Fuji from its top. A natural spring from deep underground rises to the top of Atago-yama filling the koi pond & other reservoirs. Atago was an important source of water to fight the Edo Era "Meireki" fire of 1657, the 1922 Great Kanto earthquake and fire & during the Pacific war too. In fact there are fire-hose couplings at the base of the hill to supply water from this aquifer. Suitably enough, Atago shrine is dedicated to the Shinto fire god "Homusubi no Mikoto" We'll enjoy the many savoury traditional foods sold at "yatai" or open-air stalls when we reach the festival area. @}:^) NOTE: This is a non-smoking meetup. If you must smoke, please smoke only in approved areas. Remember: September can be rainy, so please be prepared with a folding umbrella or hat and sturdy shoes! ~ Kerry @}:^) NOTE: I just read this in National Geographic online: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/09/autumn-equinox-explained-start-fall-spring-sun-earth-science/ In other words, a steep stone staircase was often an important element to many ancient cultures in marking the equinoxes!

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