[Group Introduction]

We are a group for coffee and tea lovers and people interested in English language exchange over coffee with Japanese and non-Japanese people.

We'll explore the different cafes in Tokyo so we will 'surf' the cafes, so to speak.

Follow us on IG: @coffeeteatokyo ✨❤️

[Our Community Vision]

- To create high quality events for coffee and tea lovers to enjoy.

- To create a safe environment for people to meet.

- To facilitate international understanding and exchange among international and Japanese people from all walks of life.

1. International Events
We organize quality events to promote international friendship and exchange.

- Language Exchange

- International Parties

2. Coffee Education Events

We work with professional baristas to organize coffee/tea seminars (in English/Japanese) and help coffee lovers know more about coffee/tea.

- Past seminars include: Drip Coffee Seminars, Espresso Science Seminars, Latte Art Workshops, Introduction to the World of Coffee

3. Outdoor Walking events

We also do outdoor walking events to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons in Tokyo

Example: Meguro River Sakura Walk + Coffee, Chidorigafukuchi Sakura Walk + Coffee, Ichou Namiki Autumn leaves Walk + Coffee

[Important Note]
- Any solicitation for the purpose of network marketing, business or religious soliciation is prohibited. Any behavior that will cause others harm, harrassment or reduce their enjoyment of the event – is strongly discouraged.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us a message. We have many members who volunteer to help the community from time to time.

We look forward to seeing you at our events :)









1. 国際イベント


- 言語の教えあい

- 国際パーティー

2. コーヒーについて学ぶイベント


- 過去のセミナー:ドリップコーヒーセミナー、エスプレッソサイエンスセミナー、ラテアートワークショップ、コーヒーの世界を知る

3. 野外散歩イベント


例:目黒川桜巡り+ コーヒー、千鳥ヶ淵桜巡り+ コーヒー、銀杏並木秋の紅葉巡り+ コーヒー






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dotcom space Tokyo 初の 「コーヒーワークショップ」

Adding Info at 4/24 We can make booking 4 more people!! This event is not organized by us but we think this is a good event! It will be in Japanese, but there are few English speaker staff, so it will be possible to translate in English! We will show hand drip performance by Mr.kota who is JHDC champion in 2016. And also you can compare the taste of 3 different coffee beans and enjoy the personality of beans by tasting! Coffee beans are from Fugen & Philocofea!! For booking, Please send email to [masked] with your name Phone number ワークショップのご案内です。 dotcom space Tokyo初の 「コーヒーワークショップ」を開催いたします。 講師はdotcom space Tokyoに所属し、 2016 JHDC優勝のバリスタ佐藤昂太が務めます。 3種類の豆を飲み比べ、それぞれの豆の個性を知る、 コーヒー好きな方も、初心者の方も楽しめるワークショップです。 2016 JHDCで優勝した佐藤の デモンストレーションもあわせてお楽しみください。 ──────────────────── Coffee tasting vol.1 [ 日 時 ][masked][Fri] 18:30-20:00 [ 場 所 ] dotcom space Tokyo [ 参加費 ] 1,800円(税込)※お土産付き [ 定 員 ] 10名 ※ 定員になり次第締切となります。 [ 講 師 ] 佐藤昂太 Barista (dotcom space) [お申込] 店頭スタッフまたは、メール[masked]に、お名前、電話番号をお伝えの上お申し込みください。

Let's go check out a fashionable new cafe in Aoyama!

Nogizaka Station Exit 5

Let's go check out this new coffee roaster in Minami Aoyama that has a nice park. Let's have a coffee and make new friends in this amazing weather! https://www.instagram.com/coffeeteatokyo/p/BvlfoTZBcXg/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=w7rq0m41sgx0 Plan 11:00 Meet at Nogizaka Station Exit 5 11:15 Walk to Little Darling Roasters 11:25 Order drinks + Instagram Time 11:45 Chat in small groups 12:10 Change groups 12:30 Mix and talk with anyone you like 13:00 End Note: We did not make a reservation with the cafe but the space is huge so we should have no problems with space. Admin Fee: ¥500 (if you add us on Instagram @coffeeteatokyo or LINE) ¥800 (if you do not add us on Instagram @coffeeteatokyo or LINE) **Limited to 20 people **If you sign up, please show up

Coffee Tasting w/ Guest Barista Naoki (La Cabra, Denmark)

English Below デンマークのスペシャルティコーヒーショップ、La Cabra Coffeeでバリスタを務めております安田です。 この度は当店のシーズナルコーヒー数点と、イタリアの昨年のロースティング世界チャンピオンのお豆等をご用意します。 現地でのコーヒー、カフェ文化のお話をみなさんとできたらと思います。 テイスティングでは、我々バリスタが普段交わすようなフレーバーコメントなどを参考にしながら、グループでプロフェッショナルなテイスティング体験をしましょう! Barista Naoki has been working with the famous La Cabra Denmark for almost a year. He's back in Tokyo for a few weeks so we invited him to host a coffee event with us. He will talk about his experience working as a barista in Denmark, coffee culture in Scandinavia and also brew up the best coffee from La Cabra (including a roast that has won the 2018 roasting championships). We will also try different brews while chatting with other participants about the flavors and what we like best. Naoki will return to Denmark next week so do join us for this special event! Plan 15:00 Registration 15:20 Start (Introduction + Presentation) 15:45 Tasting Begins 16:15 Participants chat with each other while enjoying good coffee 17:00 End Participation Fee ¥2500 (if you add us on Instagram @coffeeteatokyo or LINE) ¥3000 (if you do not add us on instagram or LINE) The fee covers the cost of the coffee and cafe rental. ***This event will be in English (and some Japanese)

New member Meetup 😊😊✨☕️

Lattest - Omotesando Espresso Bar

If you’re a new member, join us! Regular members, join us too to welcome the new members to our community! The idea is to connect people through coffee. Simple as that! Plan 11:00 Registration + Order a drink 11:20 Group Chat 11:40 Group Chat 12:00 Stand up and talk to anyone you wanna talk to 13:00 End This event is for: • New members to Coffee Tea Tokyo • Regular members of Coffee Tea Tokyo • English/Japanese practice • Making new friends • Enjoying good coffee Participation Fee: • ¥800 (if you are not on our Instagram or LINE) • ¥500 (if you on our Instagram @coffeeteatokyo or LINE) Note: (please also order something from the cafe)

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