April 25th Node.js Meetup: Testing apps, UI animation and ESM implementation!





Welcome to April's meetup! We're delighted to welcome 3 speakers this month. Mike Solomon, Donovan Hutchinson and Yuta Hiroto.

**Pizza will be arriving at 7 pm before the talks, get in early! :)**

First Speaker:
Mike Solomon is the founder and CEO of Meeshkan (meeshkan.com), a Helsinki-based DevOps company. A music major at Stanford University, Queen's University Belfast and the University of Florida, Mike has been a guest researcher at the University of Paris VI and has held the post of artistic director of the Ensemble 101 (ensemble101.fr) from 2011 until the present day. While working at the IRCAM as a computer music designer, he fell in love with Machine Learning and founded Meeshkan to ease several DevOps pain points in the ML pipeline. Since then, Meeshkan has expanded to other areas of DevOps, including API testing with unmock (unmock.io).

Talk Title: Testing apps with third-party API integrations

Talk Intro:
In this talk we will examine strategies and best practices to develop and test node apps that make heavy use of third-party API integrations. As reliance on third-party services becomes more and more prevalent in the node ecosystem, developers need cost-effective, secure, reliable and fast ways to mock these services for both dev/staging environments and testing.

We will start with looking at nock, an open-source mocking solution for local development, and move onto unmock which provides mocks-as-a-service of popular APIs.

The session will have live coding for both nock and unmock using express to create a simple microservice and jest for testing. It will also present several popular design patterns for isolating and testing third-party integrations as well as strategies for integration testing apps that rely on third-party APIs, including corner-case and error testing.

Second Speaker:
Donovan Hutchinson has been creating web pages and apps for clients for over 20 years. He writes and builds CSS animation tutorials on CSSAnimation.rocks, and has been published in Net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, Adobe Inspire, Modern Web and more.

As well as writing for online publications, Donovan writes and publishes books on front-end development and design, with a focus on animation and user experience.

Talk Title: UI animation in React

Talk Intro:
Small UI animations can make a big difference in the quality and ease of use of our apps. In this talk I’ll discuss ways we can approach building small, effective animations using CSS, incorporating them into a theme, and using a helpful package to make useful, consistent animation easy to build.

Third Speaker:
Yuta Hiroto(https://hiroppy.me/) is a JavaScript engineer who came to Dublin from Japan and he is a Senior Software Engineer at Dwango and web technical advisor at Mercari. He loves OSS development and he is a Node.js Core Collaborator and member of webpack. His specialty is JavaScript optimization, GraphQL, and Node.js.

Talk Title: Introduce the new ESM implementation of Node.js

Address: Intercom, 2nd Floor Stephen Court, 18-21 St Stephen's Green, Dublin, D02 N960


18:30 – Doors Open / Networking / Grab a Drink

19:00 – Grab some pizza, have a chat before our talks begin.

Intro to Speaker & Sponsors with Sean Walsh, nearForm

19:15 - GUEST SPEAKER Mike Solomon

19:45 - Q&A available to the speaker

19:55 - GUEST SPEAKER Donovan Hutchinson

20:30 - Q&A available

20:35 - Yuta Hiroto

20:55 - Q&A

21:00 Finish

Hope to see you all there and as always, we'll have free pizza & beer! :)

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