A Delicious, Fast, Affordable Beef Bowl for a Summer Pick-Me-Up


料金: ¥4,000



By the end of August, summer heat and humidity have sapped the life out of just about everyone. You need something to pick you up. You need a beef bowl! In this class, you’ll learn how to prepare a beef bowl and side dishes that will energize you with great taste and will not cost a lot in terms of effort or money. What’s more, we’ll show you how to dye cloth (a placemat you’ll take home) with the skins of the onions used for the recipes. At the conclusion of the class, everyone will go home with a few new recipes and knowledge of how to use something that would normally just be discarded.

Reserve a spot in this class by clicking on the RSVE button and then completing the process by sending your full name to [masked].
Reservations will be considered to have been completed when this email is received. We will send a confirmation message within 48 hours. People who click the RSVE button but do not email their full name to us will be moved to the waiting list if the class fills up and there are others who would like to join the class. Class spots will be apportioned based on the time the email with full-name information is received.
Time: August 25, 2019 (Sun.) 12:00~15:30
Cost: 4,000 yen (Material and facility usage fee)
What to bring: Apron and something to write with
Deadline: August 22, 2019 (Thu.) 11:00 AM

Location: Yanaka (Taito-ku) at a location convenient to both the Chiyoda Subway Line (6 minutes from Sendagi Station) and the JR Yamanote Line (8 minutes from Nippori Station).
Details will be provided to those who register for the class.

Cancellation Policy:
By the way, if you make a reservation, but later find that you cannot attend, please let us know as early as possible.
#Please note that payment of the participation fee will still be expected for a cancellation after the deadline and in the case of a simple failure to attend after making a reservation. Bank transfer details will be provided. A person who reserves a class spot, but then fails to attend, without notifying Kitchen Nippon, may be blocked from further participation. We have decided to implement this rule because we purchase materials for each class and late cancellations and no-shows result in wastage and make it difficult to hold the class fee down.

The instructor for this class will be Yukiko Yajima, a licensed culinary professional who specializes in teaching.

After 10 years working in a white-collar environment, Yukiko decided to quit her job and devote herself to her passion for cooking. She became a licensed culinary professional and took up her new career as a cooking instructor. Five years later, she relocated to the UK, where she spent eight years absorbing a different culture and expanding her knowledge of food. Her experience in the UK also opened her eyes to the strong interest in Japanese food outside Japan. Since coming home, Yukiko has focused on teaching people from other countries how to prepare Japanese dishes at home.

Yukiko Yajima

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