Tokyo Tech Startups (TTS) is a group of entrepreneurs/engineers who have a strong interest in tech and startups. We share a common goal to grow and serve Tokyo’s tech and startup ecosystem.

Our mission is to foster and serve Tokyo’s tech startup ecosystem and bring awareness to the growing startup culture in Japan in order to make Tokyo the startup hub of Asia.

What we do

1. Tokyo Startup Pitch Night

A pitch and networking event held in English once a month. People working on early-stage startups present their product, service or business ideas to get an opportunity to get feedback on their business ideas, raise awareness, seek talent and ask for help to grow their product. We allot the second half of the event to networking to allow members to discover cutting edge products, mingle with talented individuals, and even stumble upon their next career opportunity.

2. Facilitating collaborative entrepreneurship

We run Facebook group where we share insights, latest news, startup stories and much more to foster open collaboration in local startup ecosystem to make an impact and help each other.



What do we value most ?


Knowledge sharing

Meaningful connection of people

Mutual Trust

TTS City Chapters

Build a community with us! We are always looking for City Chapter Leaders, Committee Members and Volunteers. If you would like to be a connector and further add value to the startup scene? Contact us at team@tokyotechstartups.com.



Tokyo Tech Startups (東京テック•スタートアップス)







2016年以来東京じゅうの企業や東京都の場所を借りながら16回イベントを行ってきました。先日メンバー数が2000人を突破し、過去にはYahoo Japan, Finc,SmartNews,東京都などの協力でイベントを開催させていただきました。



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Tokyo Startup Pitch Night Demo+Pitch & Netwo­­rking


To present at our event please fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/hb67Fp7HQBqTgZUz2). Welcome to Tokyo Startup Pitch Night hosted by Tokyo Tech Startups. As always, we give early-stage startups an opportunity to present their product or service to a large audience that includes tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and sometimes venture capitalists. Startups use this opportunity to get feedback on their business, raise awareness, seek talent and ask for help to grow their product. The second half of the event is allotted to networking to help members mingle with the hottest talent and possibly stumble upon their next career or funding opportunity. Don't be shy and join us, everyone is welcome! Schedule • 18:30 Reception/Networking • 19:00 Opening Introductions • 19:10 Pitches + Demo +QA • 20:00 Networking • 21:00 Closing Fee : Donation based ========== 3 min Pitches======== WeMeet LTD https://www.wemeetapp.net Mobile lifestyle application to join other peoples causal activities or events. People focused to find friends and experience new sides of your city. Opportunities for businesses to attract customers. CleverDATA https://dmpkit.io/ DMPkit is a platform for building a customer data management system in order to solve the problems of marketing communications, analytics and building your own solutions in terms of collection, storage and processing of audience data. Zooly http://zooly.me/ Zooly is an aggregator of pet care services (veterinarian, walking, nanny, beauty salon, event agencies, feeding, etc.). Advantages towards competitors: speed and quality, full-cycle service – everything in one place. Monetization: fee from partnering companies based on provided services. BitGrit https://forum.bitgrit.net/ We connect data science talents and industry problem statements for faster and cheaper solutions. We've built a Data Scientist Network, including a forum, job board, and competition, and are building an AI Marketplace so that AI solutions can be accessed through API calls. Leadenforce http://leadenforce.com Use advanced Groups and Pages Targeting Tools to reach your Competitor's Customers. Select the right audience for your ad in just a few clicks. JUDOBABY INC. https://www.startengine.com/judobaby JUDOBABY INC. will expand sales with its “Jurassic” edition of its Pet Sports League line titled DINO-DOGS “BEAST MODE” FOOTBALL VR (e.g. Virtual Reality), starring Oakland Raiders famed running back MARSHAWN LYNCH and his dog ICE in a unique genetic-blending of dinosaurs and dogs playing a pre-historic, no-holds-barred, explosive version of America's favorite sport, football. AroundU http://www.arounducard.com/ Networking business cards that help you to effectively connect with people around you, it even gives you information about the people you meet. ============== Who we are We are a group of entrepreneurs/engineers who have a strong interest in tech and startups. We share a common goal to grow and serve Tokyo’s tech and startup ecosystem.

Tech Jobs Night

ファビット 大手町 / fabbit Otemachi (シェアオフィス コワーキングスペース)

For this event we have partnered with Dev Japan an Le Wagon to bring you a slightly differently themed event as usual. It's hard for startups to connect with talent and given our position in the ecosystem we decided to help connect talent in Tokyo. There will be a pitch session as always so please feel free to come regardless :) If you are considering joining a startup or if you are interested in growing your team, fill out the form that best suits your purpose. For job seekers: https://forms.gle/dXg3W98S6Ag7W7KTA For startups looking to grow their team: https://forms.gle/1YSsp61zsvzYmpF46 ____________________________________________________ Welcome to Tech Jobs Night! This event is targeted to people that are interested in working at high potiential startups, as well as for people that want to hear stories about how early employees of growing companies were lead to success. For the very first time, we're connecting a carefully curated selection of startups hiring developers, designers and product managers with the largest pool of international talents in Tokyo. 🚀 Discover the life of a startup employee through company pitches focused on a single purpose: convincing you to join them. Connect with the right companies, and get a chance to showcase the skills you know will matter for them. Schedule • 6:00 pm - Doors Open • 6:15 pm - Matching Session - Personalized lists of startups to check out 📋 - Hot desks available for 5 min speed-interviews ⌛️ • 7:30 pm - Pitch Session - Organizers introduction (10 min) 😎 - Guest Speaker (10 min) 🎤 - Startup Pitches: Why should you join us? (40 min) 🍑 • 8:30 pm - Networking Session - Mingle around 🍻 and snacks. • 10:00 pm - Venue Closes Fee : Donation Based to help us keep doing these events ============== Presenters T.B.A ============== Check out the Co-organizers: Dev Japan: https://www.meetup.com/devjapan/ LeWagon Tokyo: https://www.meetup.com/Le-Wagon-Tokyo-Coding-Station/ This event will include a networking session where you will be able to meet entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts from all around the world. Who we are We are a group of entrepreneurs/engineers who have a strong interest in tech and startups. We share a common goal to grow and serve Tokyo’s tech and startup ecosystem. FAQ • What should I bring as a job seeker? Bring your resume and business cards! Connecting directly through LinkedIn during the event is also a good option, so have your 📱 fully charged.

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Tokyo Startup Pitch Night Demo+Pitch & Netwo­­rking


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